Wooxy FAQ

Is this legal? What about Riot statement over custom modifications?

Wooxy is only able to install cosmetic changes to the game, it will never change other files to give unfair advantage to players. We are against mods that give advantage for players, and we are serious about it.

While Riot does not give support for modding, because it can break your game, they are not against cosmetic modifications that don’t give unfair advantage for players, and we from MapSkins.com will always respect this rule. We have been serving map skins since two years ago and no one never had any case of ban because of a custom skin.

Moreover, Wooxy focuses heavily on the Safe side, with extensive tests and always up-to-date to give you a free-worry solution to enjoy a new way to have fun in your game.

If you want more details about Wooxy safety, you can check our page here.

What can Wooxy offer for Mod Makers?

While Wooxy excels at installing custom skins, it also offers simple to use extraction tools for mod makers, while at the same time offering protection in a new format created by us, the WXY file format, which adds a layer of protection for your work, register your signature (author) and other info in an encrypted way inside the file. Wooxy is able to load files, folders and WXY files.

My antivirus/browser tells me that Wooxy is a virus?

These warnings are false positives. Wooxy doesn’t contain any viruses and will never install 3rd party software in your computer, nor collect data or any info from your computer. We only work with honesty here, and we are very proud of it.


  1. Even though I downloaded it through regular and the alternative way, I keep getting a message everytime I open it saying that it cannot load backup manifests. Help please?


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