Skin Installer Version
Released Official Mirror#1 Mirror#2
Wooxy 27/04/2017 Official MediaFire Google
Wooxy 28/01/2017 Official MediaFire Google
Wooxy 09/10/2016 Official MediaFire Google
Wooxy is a Skin Installer for League of Legends made by Chewy.

Something Strange Happened? = How to fix patch 7.5 Wooxy bug


Version 1.6 (28 January 2017)

  • Support for new BIN files.
  • Fixed map editor bugs.
  • Added soundbank editor.
  • Added “league_client” support (editing WAD still doesn’t work).
  • The Home window now handles both “Skins Collection” and “Creation studio”.
  • You can now extract files from any skin in the “More” menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt release manifests in rare cases.
  • Added Turkish translation (Thanks Furkan).
  • Doge rework.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for this software.


  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


  • Wooxy installs quickly custom skins on all classic servers (NA, EUW, EUNE, LA, BR, RU, TU, OC, KR, PBE and Garena).
  • Wooxy makes sure that patches won’t break your game even if you keep your skins installed before updating LoL.
  • Wooxy makes available a bunch of tools that help people make their own custom skins (tools are still being developed).


  1. HELP! The folder u have selected is not correct. You have to select the folder that contains “lol.launcher.exe” or “lol.launcher.admin.exe”


  2. Not sure if Chewy reads this.
    I’m the main developer for the Lolking modelviewer. I loved using Wooxy due to its simplicity and massive usage.
    I know this project is not supported anymore, but I would like to know if you would allow me access to the repo.
    So that I can ‘attempt’ to fix it. I’m familiar with the recent changes that RIOT has been making lately, and believe I can fix at least the current common problems with Wooxy.
    Let me know if this is a possibility.


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  3. Chỉ còn 1 cách là dùng phiên bản lol pbe cũ để open đc wooxy , còn lại thì nhờ tác giả viết ra wooxy xây dựng tiếp thôi !


  4. My draven skin won’t show in game (it used to), but my other skins still work on other champs, ex lich king garen, snow day jhin etc (why won’t draven skin show, but others do?)


    • You likely have the same problem I do.. older content works fine but new gets installed but doesn’t appear in game ( I can’t have any of the Lux skin I tried getting work… really annoying!) I’m still looking for a solution but I can’t find it anywhere.. If you somehow solve the issue please let me know! I will do the same with you


  5. Hey! The program runs ok for me and many of the skins are working.. but some (like everyone I tried for Lux :c) are getting installed but they don’t show up in game. I downloaded the last version of Wooxie. Please help!


  6. I not have league legends launcher.admin, my league are client, and the download this launcher+rad pvp.network nots work, i think the rad have problem, if i change the league client to league.launcher not open the game, pls, help me or wooxy, give outher att with bugs resolves, pls.


  7. I fixed the Invalid File bug.

    If you uninstall wooxy and install it again. If you open it, and it defaults to the C: path, then it won’t work. For me I have my League of Legends on my D: (2TB) hard drive, so I had to reinstall league and put the original Lol.launcher.exe / lol.launcher.admin.exe and put the system.cfg in the rads folder again, and tried wooxy.

    The directory box when you open wooxy should be blank, and your good to go. Mine works fine.


  8. I covered everything you need to do in the video I posted to get Wooxy working properly with the new patch. Good luck and have fun!


  9. oh wait a sec, I install lol at :c drives, and than that wooxy said to me
    The folder you have selected is not correct. You have to select the folder that contains “lol.launcher.exe” or “lol.launcher.admin.exe”.
    btw in my folder, there’s no that one.
    In my folder the exe file is lolclient only. how can I fix it?
    I redownload but it does not fixed (Oceania serv I played)
    when I played kr serv, it does work. help me plz.


    • Hi. I downloaded and installed lol again and I think now they are no longer putting the lol.client.exe file inside the game folder. After all I think it’s the old launcher. So I can not use and install map textures because wooxy asks me to redirect the game folder that contains this file. I tried to download the separate file on the internet from some forum, but it also did not help. Can you help me ? I use wooxy to lower my fps, without it I can not play. Is there any way to use wooxy even without this file? Or maybe you can do an update on your program, I do not know. Thanks for listening.


  10. Is it possible to make your own skins without buying expensive third party software? I figured out how to recolor my skins, however I am unable to edit my models to add or remove stuff (e.g. remove Hecas head). E.g. I don’t want to buy Maya, even though I can get the test version, I don’t want to limit myself to a timelimit or have to pay because I overslept it. I’d be fine with using ‘worse’ free malware-free alternatives.


  11. I found the solution in the problem everyone has the past month or more which is about lol launcher and lol settings. To fix this you need some old files, 3 to be specific.

    “lol.launcher.exe” in “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends”
    “lol.launcher.admin.exe” in “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends”
    “system.cfg” in “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\system”

    “system.cfg” specifically in my case has the following words if anyone wants to make his own


    This is for EUW as you may have noticed, in case you play on another server i guess you have to edit the “region” part

    By adding just the 3 following files in their path i was able to run Wooxy properly (even tho it takes sometime to open – this problem is old but it still runs if you give it some time) and i was able to install my minimap modification.

    A link to the 3 files – https://ufile.io/bq6gm

    The link is going to get deleted in 30 days hence why i explained what system.cfg contains inside it so you may recreate it then the link gets deleted and if Wooxy hasn’t been fixed by then.


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