Wooxy is our software made by Chewy that let you install every skin (maps or champions) for League of Legends.

Wooxy combines three main ideas: safety, speed and simplicity.

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  • Wooxy installs quickly custom skins on all classic servers (NA, EUW, EUNE, LA, BR, RU, TU, OC, KR, PBE and Garena).
  • Wooxy makes sure that patches won’t break your game even if you keep your skins installed before updating LoL.
  • Wooxy makes available a bunch of tools that help people make their own custom skins (tools are still being developed).


You must be running on Windows (Vista or higher) and Microsoft .NET Framework (4.5 or higher) has to be installed on your machine.


Download the latest version (v1.5.0.7) (From MediaFire)

Alternate download (From Mega)

Note: Your browser or antivirus might tell you that Wooxy is not a safe program. You have to know that these warnings are false positives: there are no viruses in the program.


Here are the latest changes of Wooxy:

Version (9 October 2016)

  • Wooxy has become intelligent. Now when you want to install 2 skins using same files, Wooxy will ask you if you want to install the “non-shared” files instead of just uninstalling the other skin! It’s like WOW.
  • Wooxy isn’t a turtle anymore. Now when you want to view/edit your map, Wooxy converts the textures much faster than before. It’s like right now.
  • Wooxy needs to take some rest. Invasion! Nasus is now a little kid. Giddy Up!

❤ I love you all ❤

Version (24 August 2016)

  • Wooxy doesn’t use ZLIB.NET library to save skins anymore.
  • SKN file containing multiple materials can now be exported properly in OBJ format.
  • When a crash occurs, you will have the choice to leave Wooxy or not.

Version (10 August 2016)

  • Hash properties sorted in BIN editor.
  • When no skin is imported, Wooxy shows that no skin is imported. When a skin is imported, Wooxy doesn’t show that no skin is imported (Thanks to Crauzer).

Version (26 July 2016)

  • Fixed a bug that occurred while selecting one value after selecting multiple values in INIBIN editor (thanks to Crauzer).

Version (26 July 2016)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Garena users from starting Wooxy (thanks to LittleBoy).
  • Big skin names are now displayed correctly in the skins collection.
  • Exported MTL/OBJ files can now be opened properly by Maya (thanks to Crauzer).
  • The folder appearing when you click “Browse” is now specific for each creation tool (BIN, INIBIN and WAD editors) (thanks to Leischii).
  • Creation of custom properties in INIBIN editor now available.
  • Multiple suppression of INIBIN properties now available (thanks to Crauzer).
  • Added an “Update textures” feature in “Model Viewer” (thanks to Damonix).

Version 1.5 (1 July 2016)

  • WAD editor can now read properly v2 WAD files.
  • Some file paths are now shown in WAD editor.
  • Files packed in WAD can now be added directly in “Add files” window after clicking “Import skin”.
  • New logo (thanks Nagiliant) and happy design!

Version 1.4.3 (18 May 2016)

  • Added WAD files editor.
  • Skins modifying uncompressed files in RAF archives can now be installed correctly.
  • The inibin/troybin files editor has been improved (thanks a lot to SkinSpotlights for the help!!)

Improving Wooxy

Wooxy is still evolving in order to add more and better ways for everyone to create and use custom skins!
This also means that some bugs might appear. If you are experiencing bugs using Wooxy, the best way to help us fixing them is to create a comment on this page with the details of the error.

Legality and safety

If you have any doubts about the legality of Wooxy, you can visit our page here.


You can see a list of the most asked questions here!


  1. the 1.5.7 version just dosen’t open for me i click in te icon but nothing opens, i tried to execute as an administrator and desactivated the fire wall but nothing the program never opens


  2. wooxy always i try to open says that it’s invalid file and closes automatically i’m in the latest patch and have tried looking but nothing:/ pls help


  3. PROBLEM! Since I got the version 1.5.7, every skin that I download just doesnt work… It looks like everything’s okay but in game there’s no skin. Blue arcade ahri still works perfectly, but my latest downloads like demon ezreal, heartseeker jinx or soulstealer caitlyn dont work at all…
    It looks like I’m the only one with that problem, I dont understand T-T


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