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God Wand Janna

Today I bring you a new Janna skin base on God Staff Jax and God Fist Lee Sin. Big thanks go to @damonix for helping me with saving her torso […]

[Voicepack] Star Guardian Janna

  This skin is presented by TricolorStar Voices: Janna- Somni ( Zephyr- TricolorStar

Arcade Green Team

Arcade Green Team Insert coin here: Chose your character. Arcade Green Team is fighting against the Arcade Pink Team on the new Cyper-Power Gauntlet. Who will win? -> Download our […]

Pool Party Janna

Pool Party Janna Pool Party Janna, the mother of wind.. now taking a dip into new elements. Refreshing actually. What does this Skin look like? Features: Custom model for base […]

Elderwood Janna

Elderwood Janna Beautiful, sweet, the mother of Nature, Janna. Blooming to new heights, Janna has had a bit of a run in with the Elderwood. What does this Skin look […]

Dragon Sorceress Janna

Dragon Sorceress Janna Dragon Sorceress Janna, because one Sorceress was not enough. Mother of dragons, sailor of the skies, Janna is taking her Dragons to new heights. What does this […]

Dark Star Janna

Darkness re-rises in league of legends. A new dark star is born in our universe, Dark Star Janna Screenshots: Features: New Model for Base New attack and abilities Sounds Some […]

Steampunk Janna

A long time ago I promised someone a Janna skin. Hope you’ll like it, Hana. :3 This is also for the Zaun event in March.

Afro-Dite Janna

Hello everyone, I would like to present to you: Afro-Dite(Smite) Janna   Screenshots: That Booty XD Features: New Model New Textures New Load Screen General Info: Author: Ivar Size: 510Kb […]