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Dragon Sorceress Caitlyn

Today is a very special day for the PentaRoyals. To celebrate it I have created this skin for a special someone in my life. Enjoy!

Steampunk Janna

A long time ago I promised someone a Janna skin. Hope you’ll like it, Hana. :3 This is also for the Zaun event in March.

Headhunter LeBlanc

Hi dear people. :3 I decided to finish an old concept of mine. Headhunter LeBlanc. Enjooy! 🐞

Heartseeker Draven

Ladies and Gentlemen. Team Royal Flush presents to you: Heartseeker Draaaaaaaaaaaven!


I wanted to make a Wolf like Ahri skin, but then @damonix mentioned Gnar and then Gnahri was born ^-^

SavagePrey Skins Tier 1

Hello Guys and Gals, After another stressful month. I’m here to present my own logo/stitched/themed skins 😀