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Tag: dark star

Dark Star Xayah

Welp, this is my third custom skin in the three days I’ve been making skins. Enjoy the ‘sequel’ to my Dark-Star Rakan (Xayah). Video: No Video Sorry! (Coming Soon… Hopefully) […]

Dark Star Rakan

Heyo! This is my first custom skin for Rakan, and since there seem to be such small variety of skins for him, I decided to make something special. ~ I […]

Darkstar SION

============================================================================ Hello everyone,this is DARKSTAR SION,dont have custom model yet but as soon as i learn how work maya,i ill do a custom model. Screenshots: Features: New loadingscreen Custom particles […]

Dark Star Camille

Dark Star Camille Camille, Assassin of Piltover. Now, the new controller of the stars. Dark Star Camille casts a cold shadow in front of the sun. -No Poros were harmed […]

Dark Star Summoners Rift Map

Dark Star Summoners Rift Once the darkness from the Event Horizon spread throughout the cosmos as it feed on every drop of life it came across, it grew larger. Thresh, […]

Dark Star Olaf

Hello Guys and Gals, Today I present to you my latest skin, Dark Star Olaf!

Dark Star Janna

Darkness re-rises in league of legends. A new dark star is born in our universe, Dark Star Janna Screenshots: Features: New Model for Base New attack and abilities Sounds Some […]