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Tag: camille

Academy Camille

The newest member of the Academy squad has arrived to a town! Welcome Academy Camille! This is officially my first skin put on mapskins so I’m glad I can finally […]

Super Galaxy Camille

Just a fancy skin idea I had in mind since Camille has only 2 skins. ~ I present to you, Super-Galaxy Camille! (Comment Skin Ideas For More <3) ~

Dark Star Camille

Dark Star Camille Camille, Assassin of Piltover. Now, the new controller of the stars. Dark Star Camille casts a cold shadow in front of the sun. -No Poros were harmed […]

Dawnbringer Camille

Riven lost her wings, no one knew where those beautiful, luminous, light-carrying wings were located. Yauo, the most powerful being in the underworld, faced Riven for control of our world […]

Clockwork Camille

This is my newest skin, Clockwork Camille, based on the Vladbacescu’s concept.