Last Updated: 27 September 2017

MapSkins Rules

  • By submitting your post, you agree with the rules below:
    1. Your post cannot have any illegal content, for example: copyrighted material, erotic, vulgar, obscene, 18+, hateful or any other that transcends the good sense and ethics.
    2. By posting, submitting or uploading any content to our website, you grant the Editors from this website a global license to create copies and derivatives of your work – including images, videos and any other content submitted inside your post – and the right to distribute/re-distribute in any way to any website, including our website, social networks and other websites. Your work remains yours, and this will be used to promote your work on the web to get more exposure.
    3. Your post needs to be in English language.
    4. The editors have the right to edit your post in any way they wish.
  • About the media:
    1. You must host their images/media in your own wordpress storage.
    2. Your post downloads must be linked to a safe and public host such as mediafire or googledrive. You cannot link to another website where the user can download your work.
    3. Links cannot include any type of malware.

Chat/Discord Rules

  • The rules below apply to our chat channels in Discord, please follow the rules to avoid kicks or ban:
    1. No offensive, rude, or derogatory language. This apply to your nickname as well.
    2. Don’t send links containing bad stuff (18+ stuff, illegal stuff, malware etc).
    3. Always respect other members and their work. Constructive Feedback is allowed. Offensive Feedback is not.
    4. Chat in the right place: For everything that is not related to our website/skins/work, use the #off-topic channel.
    5. Your name/nickname should be exactly as it appear in our website (your WordPress display name). Your Discord name/nickname can have up to 16 characters as prefix and up to 16 characters as suffix. These extra characters can be letters, numbers, special characters, unicode or emoji.
    6. Memes and joke images are not allowed on #mapskins, #authorium and #legendia channels. Use the #off-topic for random images.
    7. No #sellouts (links to your own stream/site/page/etc).
    8. No links to leaguecraft, mobaskins or similar websites.
    9. No links to Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or similar websites.
    10. No links to any monetization sites (adfly and similar).
    11. No “hunting” or “policing” other members for copyright violation, this is up to Editors to decide. You can send a private message to Editors if you feel something is wrong or to contact about copyright.
    12. No mini-mod. Only Editors can enforce or remind other members of the Rules. If you see people breaking the rules, please PM the Editors and they will act accordingly.