All members start as Contributors and can rank up to Author or Editor.

Last Updated: 13 August 2017


  • Contributor
    • A WordPress account. This is necessary to be able to post your skins/works.
    • A Discord account. This is necessary, so Editors can register you inside our website. This is also useful to share, ask, learn and work together.
  • Author
    • Work Quality. Avoid simple recolors like a single hue or color overlay change over the entire texture.
    • Presentation Quality. Use of correct tags, categories, featured image and read more separator.
    • Popularity. Number of visitors your posts bring.
      • [Optional] Top Weekly Medals. Weekly events hosted by PentaKing can secure you an Author spot.
      • [Optional] Charisma. Demonstrating excellent attitude on the chat server is always a plus.
  • Editor
    • Loyalty. Degree of trust and responsibility built after time.
    • Charisma. Demonstrating excellent attitude on the chat server is a must.


  • Contributor
    • Access to our chat server with green color name. Access to the channel #MapSkins.
    • Can create their own posts and submit them to be approved for publish.
    • Published posts can appear on our Twitter and Facebook.
    • Can participate in Events. Events can reward Contributors and Authors, regardless of payment rules.
  • Author
    • All features of Contributor plus:
    • Blue name on our chat server. Access to the channel #Authorium.
    • Can write, edit and publish their own posts.
    • Can upload images, videos and skins to our website. Skins needs to be packaged inside a ZIP file before upload.
  • Editor
    • All features of Author plus:
    • Red name on our chat server. Access to the channel #Editorium.
    • Can approve contributors posts.
    • Can create and edit any post, tag, link, category, page, poll etc.
    • Can create pages (for example:


  • Contributor – Read the rules below to get your post approved
    1. About the legal rights: – by submitting your post, you agree with all the rules below
      1. Your post cannot have any illegal content, for example: copyrighted material, erotic, vulgar, obscene, 18+, hateful or any other that transcends the good sense and ethics.
      2. By posting, submitting or uploading any content to our website, you grant the Editors from this website all the rights to create copies and derivatives of your work – including images, videos and all content submitted inside your post – and distribute/re-distribute in any way to any website, including our website, social networks and other websites.
      3. Your posts needs to be about League of Legends, primarily with a work content (custom skin), but it can be about news related to maps from League of Legends or any other discovery (subject to approval). Also, the post can be a teaser/preview of your work you are creating if it’s something big like a map skin for example (subject to approval).
      4. You own the content, images and skins you are distributing in your post or have permission to use it.
      5. Your post needs to be in English language.
      6. You cannot use links to other websites inside your posts, unless to give credits for image/partial work.
      7. If your post is an update to a previous work, it will be approved with a minimum of seven days after the previous version of your post/work.
      8. Your post will appear in front page based on the quality of your work. If your skin have good quality, it will be approved faster and be placed at the top of the front page. If your skin is a simple recolor or an obviously lazy attempt, it will be placed deeper in the position based on the quality.
      9. Your post cannot have links to:
        1. Unsafe hosts – see more details below “about the media”.
        2. Patreon, adfly or any other monetization site.
        3. Your stream (twitch), channel (youtube) or any similar things. You can still post youtube videos.
        4. Your website or any other foreign website as a way of self-advertising, unless explicitly permitted by Editors.
    2. About the media:
      1. Contributors must host their images/media in their own wordpress storage, since imgur and similar websites don’t offer a high limit for image views.
      2. Your post downloads must be direct linked to a safe and public host such as mediafire or googledrive. You cannot link to another website where the user can download your work.
      3. Any link to skins cannot include any type of malware/virus etc.
      4. Your videos must be uploaded to YouTube or our own VideoPress (you can ask an Author or Editor if you don’t have access to upload videos, they can upload the video for you in this case, but they are not obliged to do it). We are not accepting DailyMotion or other video hosts. If your video starts with an ad, your video can be removed. If your post doesn’t have any other applicable videos or images, the post can be removed.
    3. About names, titles and descriptions:
      1. The title of your post, as well as the description before the “read more” separator, cannot be entirely on caps letters and cannot have more than one point of exclamation (!). Only the first letter of each word can be upper case before the read more separator. The title of your post cannot have any symbols like points of exclamation unless otherwise permitted by the Editors, only the description can use such symbols (and no excessive use before the “read more” separator).
      2. The title of your post, as well as the name of your skins and works, cannot be in either way rude, offensive or derogatory to a target audience, nationality or anything that can be seem as a joke by some people and offensive to others. If you feel like a skin, work or post is offensive to you, contact me through private message in Discord or Email (contact page).
      3. Your WordPress username and display name cannot contain special characters or different letters aside from the alphanumeric A-Z 0-9.
  • Author – Follow the rules to ensure you are not demoted or banned
    1. Same rules as Contributors with some exceptions, the exceptions below take priority over the rules above:
      1. Authors must host images inside our site storage.
      2. Your skins/downloads must be hosted in our storage. WXY files needs to be inside a ZIP file. If your package is not a WXY, you can pack your skin structure inside a ZIP and upload.
      3. Your videos can be hosted either on VideoPress or YouTube. We recommend hosting the videos under our storage (VideoPress) for better directed audience.
    2. Use of the “read more” separator is mandatory. Publishing a post without the “read more” separator can result in a demotion.
    3. Any misleading or off-topic posts can result in demotion or ban depending on the case.
    4. Your posts cannot be removed or deleted once they are published. You cannot remove your own content, links, or videos without asking permission from Editors before. You can make edits to make the post better or updated (for example, update links to ensure correct url or updated skin), but removing content of your post without clarifying with Editors can lead to a ban of your account.
    5. You cannot publish an update of your previous work without the minimum of seven days after the post date of your previous version.
    6. Author inactive for three months will be demoted to Contributor.
    7. You cannot change the time of your posts. You can schedule them to be published at a later date. Once it’s published you cannot change the date of it, re-schedule it nor remove it. Any updates to your skin also follows the minimum of seven days rule to be published.
  • Editor – Follow the rules to ensure your not demoted or banned
    1. All Editors must have huge responsibility over their actions. Anything strange could result in a demotion or ban.
    2. Approval of posts needs to pass the validation of Contributor Rule #1.
    3. Cannot delete, erase or edit content without the right reason to do. Content implies everything inside the website or the chat server, for example: posts, comments, rules or tags.

Chat (Discord) Rules

  • The rules below apply to our chat channels in Discord, please follow the rules to avoid kicks or ban:
    1. No offensive, rude, or derogatory language. This apply to your nickname as well.
    2. Don’t send links containing bad stuff (18+ stuff, illegal stuff, malware etc).
    3. Always respect other members and their work. Constructive Feedback is allowed. Offensive Feedback is not.
    4. Chat in the right place: For everything that is not related to our website/skins/work, use the #off-topic channel.
    5. Your name/nickname should be exactly as it appear in our website (your WordPress display name). Your Discord name/nickname can have up to 16 characters as prefix and up to 16 characters as suffix. These extra characters can be letters, numbers, special characters, unicode or emoji.
    6. Memes and joke images are not allowed on #mapskins, #authorium and #legendia channels. Use the #off-topic for random images.
    7. No #sellouts (links to your own stream/site/page/etc).
    8. No links to leaguecraft, mobaskins or similar websites.
    9. No links to Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or similar websites.
    10. No links to any monetization sites (adfly and similar).
    11. No “hunting” or “policing” other members for copyright violation, this is up to Editors to decide. You can send a private message to Editors if you feel something is wrong or to contact about copyright.
    12. No mini-mod. Only Editors can enforce or remind other members of the Rules. If you see people breaking the rules, please PM the Editors and they will act accordingly.

Special Titles

  • Special Titles are roles given for outstanding achievements. These roles do not impact rules, permissions or features.
    There is no hierarchy order for the titles below.

    • Legend – The Top Authors. Purple name on our chat server. Access to the channel #Legendia.
    • Hero – Acknowledgement of awesome evolution, hard work and progress with their works in our community.