Last Updated: 20 August 2016

This page will guide you through the process of creating and publishing your post/work on the website.

Creating a Custom Skin

Useful links:
Intro to Skin Creation by Yurixy
Intro to Model Creation by Crauzer
Intro to defining different materials of a Model by Crauzer
Intro to idle Particles by Crauzer
Troybins color changing by Yorû

After you have your edited texture files, you can install them with Wooxy > Skins > Import Skin.
When you save your skin inside Wooxy, a “.wxy” file is generated under C:\Wooxy\Skins (or the directory you installed Wooxy). You can distribute your WXY file in your posts as an easy way to install skins. Using a WXY file has several advantages and it’s highly recommended (but not mandatory).

Submitting your Post

Useful links:
Video to Post on MapSkins by PentaKing
Post Template to help starting your posts by PentaKing

You can submit your post through this editor.
Make sure you make your post the most complete possible before you “Submit for Review”. You can save Drafts from your post and continue later.
If your post is a Champion Skin, remember to insert the champion name for the tag, and the correct category.
Your post needs to start with a picture, a 16×9 ratio picture is highly recommended for the first picture, because your post can appear in our Facebook page as well.
After the first picture (or video), insert the “Read More” tag:


This tag is important as it divides the introduction of your post from the entire post.
Screenshots of your work is recommended, although not required if your first picture already shows your content.

Your post should appear like this:


Uploading and inserting Media in your Post

For Authors and Legends: You can upload your media (images, videos and musics) through the editor interface. You can upload skins inside a ZIP, either the texture/model files in a correct structure inside a ZIP, or a simple WXY file inside a ZIP.
For Contributors: You can use your own free wordpress storage to get image links. The link to an image should be the direct url to it, for example:
The image link should appear like the one above, but with your wordpress username instead of “yurixy” and the correct date/name.
You can host your skins in MediaFire, GoogleDrive or DropBox.
You can host your video at YouTube (without ads on the embed video).
To upload images to your own wordpress storage you can use the link below, changing “yurixy” for your wordpress username.

Creating a Teaser or preview Post

You can submit other types of posts too, for example important discoveries from the game, or post a video teaser or preview of a big skin you are creating, for example a map skin or a skin that changes many things, or an astounding champion skin that changes the model/animations. However, keep in mind that teasers and previews are subject to approval, and they are unlikely to be accepted unless you already have a history of past skins/releases. Also, you are responsible for any promises you make for fans and the community. Creating false promises can result in a ban for you.