Last Updated: 27 September 2017

By submitting a post to us, you agree with our rules.
If you already received our invite, you can start posting your skin here.


Join by Discord

To join our team and submit your skins, just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a WordPress account (the email must be real so you can receive the invite).
  2. Join our #Registration channel with your Discord account.
  3. Send a message in the #Registration channel with your WordPress Username (not display name).
  4. Wait up to five business days to receive an invite in your registered email (from the wordpress account). We will send you an invite to publish your own skins in our website and give you access to our channels. If you didn’t receive the invite, check your email spam folder for the wordpress invite.
  5. Once you accept the invite, you can use the links below to learn more and publish:
  6. After you submit your post, one of our editors will review, approve and publish.
    It can take up to five business  days before your post is published (depending on many factors).

Remember to READ our GUIDE before you submit your post for approval. We won’t approve posts based on some factors. Examples are:

  • We don’t allow original paid riot skins for base without strong modifications. If your skin have any difference, please state in your post what are the differences and create a new name for the skin.
  • We are not accepting posts with foreigner hosted images, such as imgur for example.

Guide Videos

(thanks to PentaKing for the videos below)

  • [PentaKing] How to Join
  • [PentaKing] How to post on