Original Summoner’s Rift

Mid Lane

Play in the original Summoner’s Rift (from Season 2 to 4) again and (re)discover the charm and the magic of the old LoL map!


This mod comes with all the original stuff that was present when the map was still officially available:

  • Original minimap
  • Original bushes
  • Original shopkeeper and his dog (on the screenshot)


  • Original minions (on the screenshot)


  • Original structures (on the screenshot)


Important information

  • The destruction animations for structures are the new ones, I was unable to change them.


Download and Install

0256 You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download the skin from HERE.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  1. I don’t want be nasty but the old presention of this site was really better (more beautiful, more easy to use)…


  2. hi chewy so from patch 6.22 there was an error with the minion standing stiff and do not move, please repair.
    The error occurs on any other map when uninstalling it as all is well.


  3. So, Chewy, and the other original maps work fine, but for example, Noir (not just that one, tried others too), not that I can’t install them, but I can’t even import them, when ever I try to import them, it gives me the “invalid WXY file” error, despite having original core files installed.

    Not just the maps, but the other type of files too (old mao kai for example), ever since the files chaged to WXY files instead of zip files, I can’t import anything. Any help? Thanks


  4. Is there a way to install it without de minions and the minimap? And why my nexus doesen’t have the big diamond in the middle? It’s just a hole…


  5. Hey wooxy, whenever I get into a game with this map, everything is blue, except for the towers and inhibs and nexus. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
    I also have installed the core files, but it only lets me install one thing at a time. Is that the problem?


  6. Yo, is there a way to fix barons hp? It’s really hard to smite it cos u dont have the normal hp bar above its head, or is there a way to get old baron back but keeping the map?


  7. Hey , it keeps giving me bug splat when im trying to start a game , can you help me please??? I need help fast..


    • They didn’t need to update it, you just have to reinstall it every time there is an update. It works perfectly fine on this patch. :D|D


      • Hey Chewy, I love your work, it brings back a lot of memories, Thank you for keeping it up. On the other note, I was using the SR from season 1,2 skin but the shop keeper has no walls with glyphs arround him, is that something you can’t bring back or is it just an issue that is to be resolved in the next version?
        Thank you


  8. For me all is OK but they still one “bug” : the nexus health bar is really small !
    Anyway thank you for this map !


  9. Yo Chewy man, I can express how much this means to me and how much it made my day. Love you mane thanks a looot for this.


  10. Is it possible that someone would make the map so that it shows all the new stuff but with old textures. (so all the bushes and walls would not be misleading) Because that would be freaking awesome.


    • ulan harbi ya yeter su yeni mapın ic karartıcı grafiklerinden bıktım zaten oyunun metası igrenc bari haritamızda oynuyalım


  11. Pls @Chewy repair old map because I drop fps on new and I would be very happy if it fixed as soon as possible!🙂


  12. Hey I realize there must be a lot of work that goes into this but I just wanted to know if this project is discontinued so I can stop checking :p


  13. Hey, does this crash for anyone else? I downloaded the newest version of Wooxy from the main page, installed the skin, and it crashed when loading the game.


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