Original Summoner’s Rift Core Files


This is the mod that you need to install everytime you install an Original Summoner’s Rift texture pack (for example Noir Rift).


  • Version 1 (6 August 2016): Initial version, working on patch 6.16


02561. Download the Original Summoner’s Rift Core Files.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Install the mod and then install a texture pack (a map skin using Season 4 Summoner’s Rift elements).



  1. Im having bug splat, is it because of the new client ? or it has nothing to do with it ? please fix it I want to play with the old map as soon as possible =(


  2. it doesn’t work for me, the loading screen just freeze then I have bug splat, please fix it I want to play with the old summoner’s rift =(


  3. i have a problem.. with the latest update, it now says, error (brush_*_***) something.. what should i do?. i love the beach skin..

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  4. Chewy its possible to change the nexus and the inihibitor ? I changed the turrets skins but it doesnt works for the nexus and inhib, can you tell me how ? Ty


  5. i need help when i install core files and i try to install texture pack it automaticly unistall core files! can someone help me pleasse


  6. Nice work figuring this out for everyone 🙂 thought I wouldn’t be able to use the classic map when I tried installing it last and an error kept popping up. Very easy fix to a seemingly complicated issue. Thanks a bunch.


    • okay I’m actually confused about what this does now. I installed it with Wooxy, then when I Installed the Original Summoner’s Rift the Core Files were automatically uninstalled. I guess my question is what do installing the Core Files accomplish that the Summoner’s Rift map skin doesn’t? This could be interesting for instance if it allowed you to install the original jungle monster’s models or something like that.


      • Core files allows you to install Textures Packs. Textures packs are custom textures we created back in the days. If you want to install the official old SR you don’t need to install it. However, if you want to install Magic Rift or Snow Rift, you’ll need to install both the core files and the textures pack!