Summoner’s Rift

Skins using new geometry

Skins using old geometry



  1. I miss the old summoner’s rift so bad… And the sad part is that I didn’t know about Wooxy until the OSR’s custom skin started to bug… feelsbadman. Someone, please fix it T^T I want to play in the old map…

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  2. why i cant download any old map.i get the error “an essential game asset was not found when loading the game:brush_C_sr”
    pls help i want to play old maps again


  3. what happened to Chewy? I cant find the original SR skins, and I cant load Chewys profile page, any info maybe?


  4. I need help with the SR Skins. When I load up a game with a skin, the texture is all messed up and half of the mid lane is regular colored. Any help?


  5. Maybe a Shurima Rift with piramyds as inhibs and nexuses and towers similar to Azir’s towers?


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