Summoner’s Rift

Skins using new geometry

Skins using old geometry


    • Someone please fix those minions bug, or might as well remove all the old geometry at once, either fix them or upload old geometry with new minion, it’s getting too long waiting for a fix…


      • You could always try and install the custom map and go into settings to remove the minion folder and youll be able to play the map with default minions till it’s fixed by the creator.


  1. what happened to Chewy? I cant find the original SR skins, and I cant load Chewys profile page, any info maybe?


  2. I need help with the SR Skins. When I load up a game with a skin, the texture is all messed up and half of the mid lane is regular colored. Any help?


  3. Maybe a Shurima Rift with piramyds as inhibs and nexuses and towers similar to Azir’s towers?


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