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What is this – Map Skins are custom skins which change the appearance of the entire map in the game. A map skin can change the appearance of the map environment, and sometimes even monsters (i.e. dragon/baron) and structures (i.e. towers/nexus). Any custom skins presented in this website are safe to use as they only have cosmetic effect.

Newest Map Skin: Valoran City Rift

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  1. I have some ideas on how to fixing the old maps, well fixing the old SR map only atm, as a priority; anyone thats into this type of work, hmu. comment down with your email address. I have the old turrets, nexus, and inhib.


  2. it possible to bring back original summoner’s rift ? or there is a way we can fix this ourselves?


  3. For those who have problems with the half skined-half orignial rift because of worlds, just go to settings of the skin you want to install, uncheck the lol_game_client folder, then check it again. It worked for me.


  4. Is it possible for the doombots map to be our normal summoners rift map through mods? Pretty much mystic rift but with candles and spider webs and stuff.


  5. Hello I want to ask some questions about yasuo so if any one remodeled yasuo can you contact me via mail .. its

    Ksa1997boy@gmail ty


  6. Heuy I was just wondering when will old huds be available again. A lot of people wants them n I understand it’s hard. Thanks


  7. can someone make the season 6 tower i want to add them cuz i have the old summoners rift and i like to put the season 6 towers thanks


  8. Could somebody explain to me, how I can remove the snow and wind particles from howling abyss.
    Not in graphic settings, since I know how to disable it there, but specifically in the map itself, so I can use highest effect settings without being distracted by the wind and snow effect on howling abyss.

    Currently only butchers bridge, hast the snow effect removed unfortunately, even the forest aram map which I also really like has the snow effect .

    It would be nice if somebody could explain this to me, or even create a Howling Abyss map without the snow effect to download.

    I think I`m not the only one who would appreciate the standard howling abyss map without the annoying wind and snow.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hi,

      Check in the Particles.dat file (in lol_game_client/LEVELS/Map12/), you’ll find every particle used in the map. Just find the snow ones and remove them from the list. Then install the Particles.dat file and it should work 🙂


      • Thanks for your answer so far.

        I have extracted the Particles.dat file and removed the lines which seem to create the snow and wind.
        But I don`t really see a way to install this new particle.dat file or overwrite the old file now.

        I assume I have to do it with Wooxy aswell, but I dont see where I can do that.

        It would be nice if you could help me there aswell.


        • Go to skins collection, import skins, add files, select the particles.dat file and make sure it’s the Map12’s one. Then save your skin and install it


  9. FYI… My cuzin said hes working on a Big Fix for al lthe old maps.. With the new Geo and alot of other things… Only reason he is working on it is he feels alot of these guys who work on them are lazy and dont put effort into redoing it and fixing the problems.


  10. I have an idea and pls chewy answer me…if it impossible to bring the old maps cant you remake them all for the new map?having area zero and the purple map or the christmas and halloween maps again would be awasome…


      • Guys,i think we should show more appreciation to the efforts this site does for us,especially chewy,i Play league of legends since 2010,i love the old maps especially the old twisted treeline,and im very grateful to have to play in those maps again [too bad not the old twisted treeline though] but still,i really appreciate everything you’ve done for us chewy.those maps are awesome,especially the ones that have the old harrowing music in them.


        • Actually you have a point here chewy is a hard working person he shall fix this anytime ..he is one of my favorites i also play league since 2010 and i was so angry when they changed the old summoners rift.. the new (beta) summoner’s rift was good now i dont like it at all its a beautiful work they’ve done and i appreciate it most of all.


          • Love you guys ❤ I hope we see the Old Twisted Treeline someday, I don’t know how, but I still hope.


  11. So. There was that Natoken Project Teaser for a new map awhile back…anyone know when that’s coming out?


  12. the old maps were so much better….back then you were litteraly changing the map with many colorfull ways…now we only get blue maps and night/dark maps with minor changes…why not make the old maps on the new geometry?make a christmas rift or the area 91 map for the new map…that would be awasome!! 😀


  13. Why am I getting an error when changing map? I tried Sharp and Ice rift, and in a couple of games later I would get “ERROR BRUSH J” MISSING, having to reisntall the stupid game.
    gotta be this wooxy or maps problem, since I was running only Voice changer and Wooxy. I tried using wooxy on a clean installation, and the error keep appearing. so fuck maps. tried the Voice changer in a clean installation and has no problems.
    I really love custom maps.


  14. Any eta on when you will release the “Coming Soon ™” map you’ve teased for a while? And I do miss the old maps too. I know you guys work on a lot of this stuff, keep up the good work.


  15. If you are willing not to fix old rift’s map skins, then delete the map skins using new geometry.Well,they are useless…We want OLD map skins…we dont really care about new geometry’s map skins.Thank you.


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