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Welcome everyone to the Hall of Fame page for Mapskins, where you will find all the great creators who have helped us getting the site to the place it is today. Here your name will be cemented into legacy where we honor the greatest of the great creators. So get your coffee and grab some biscuits while looking through the page.


HallOfFame 1000x300v3

WooxyLogoResized512Mapskins, formerly known as Yurixyworks, was founded in 2010 by Yurixy. Back then the site was providing Heroes of Newerth (HoN) custom skins. After a while the site converted to League of Legends skin. Yurixy had a great interest in creating Map Skins and thus the site mainly consisted of them. But then somewhere along the way all the maps broke because of a patch in Season 3. Luckily Chewy found a way to fix the maps. After this happened, Chewy had joined Yurixyworks to create map skins. Fast forward a year, Chewy and Yurixy decided to create their own LoL Custom skin installer with great help from LGG. This app would later become the successor of Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU). It was named after Chewy (the Wookie) and Yurixy which then became Wooxy. Around the same time, the name of the site was changed to Mapskins since the team was growing and Yurixy didn’t find it fair that the site was named after him even though it’s a site based on a team. Since the site was specialized in Map Skins back then, the name mapskins.com was decided. More Creators started to join mapskins including the likes of Existor, PentaKing & YoloHagrid. The small team became a family of creators. After a good 6 months, more creators got the opportunity to join mapskins. We switched from a small skype team to a discord server with multiple roles to divide contributors, authors and editors with possibilities to get a higher rank.

And now here we are as one of the biggest Custom Skin sites for League of legends with over a 200 registered creators and daily creations. We announced a new Rank named “Legends”. These members will be engraved on this Hall of Fame page where they shall be remembered forever. Continue on this page to find out more about our great Creators.
(Click here for the full interview with Yurixy about the Creation of Mapskins)


Legends on Mapskins are people who have all contributed a lot to the community. Without them Mapskins wouldn’t be what it is today. Here is a list of our Legends.

Event Winners:

Star Guardian Event: Enchanting Nicole & MyThreshous

Most Popular Posts

September 2017: Star Guardian Ashe by Enchanting Nicole
August 2017: Voice Pack Star Guardian Soraka by TriColorStar
July 2017: Cosmic Blade Katarina by Sislex
June 2017: Angeldagger Katarina by TheVanillaLR
May 2017: Senna Miss Fortune by Wardens
April 2017: Dark Goddess by MuvLuv
March 2017: Dragon Sorceress Caitlyn & Heartmaster Yi by PentaRoyals
February 2017: Blood Moon Zed by Kingz3
January 2017: Challenger HUD by Ravy
December 2016: Winter Crystal Rift by Yurixy
November 2016: Elementalist Lux Loading Cards by PentaKing
October 2016: Burning Bright Wallpapers by PentaKing
September 2016: Star Guardian Urgot by Sardonyx & Korinee
August 2016: Harley Jinx by Sardonyx & Korinee & PentaKing
July 2016: Project Profile cards by Martin
June 2016: Celestial Morgana by Damonix & PentaKing
May 2016: Mercy Kayle by The Wrecker
April 2016: Forest Guardian ARAM by Damonix
March 2016: Project Jhin by Natoken
Februari 2016: Fallen Rift by PentaKing
Januari 2016: Japanese Voiceovers by Leischii
December 2015: Frozen Rift by Existor

Thank you all for looking through the Hall of Fame. Huge thanks to Damonix for creating all the graphical designed images on this page. Hopefully you will have a better idea of how the site is being managed as well as who our great creators are.