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qcse5rb Frozen Rift – map skin


  • Map skin
  • Winter themed minions and jungle camps
  • Winter themed epic monsters and elemental dragons
  • Falling snow and modified brazziers VFX
  • Freljord music (from Howling Abyss)
  • Minimap (blue tint)
  • Poros


League of Legends 7.23 or later

252 mb / ZIP

qcse5rb Frozen Rift – Freljord HUD


  • HUD reskin into Freljord theme
  • Classic stats and “level-up” icons
  • Winter colored observer/replay HUD
  • New health/resource bars animations
  • Visual update for Death recap window
  • Other small improvements and adjustments


League of Legends 6.15 or later

5 mb / ZIP



       Update from 28.11.2017 (By Yorû)

  • Removed Howling Abyss bushes since they no longer work
  • Fixed Bug Splat problem

Update from 02.08.2016

  • Fixed texture-bug with melee minions

Update from 28.07.2016

  • Less contrast. Everything is 15% less contrast. Dark areas are slightly brighter, bright areas are slightly darker. This change was made to make map little bit easier for eyes and to make edges of playable zone a little bit more clear. Before some areas were too dark, which caused some clarity problems like it was not that clear where it is passable terrain or not.
  • More colorful. Jungle chunks and ground textures are slightly more blue now. With that change map feels a little bit less grey than before.
  • Frozen dragons. Elemental dragons that were introduced earlier, now fit map theme and got blue tint. Elemental sign on the wall remains unchanged for clarity reasons.
  • Winter minions always with you. No matter what the current event is (Pool party, Project or April Fool), if Frozen Rift is installed, you will always have winter themed minions. Before there were bugs with overlapping minions such as corrupted textures for Pool party minions or minions were just out of winter theme.
  • Fixed brushes. Something were broken and brushes caused bugsplat (error message) while loading. Thanks to Chewy, these problems were fixed and everything remains unchanged since previous version.
  • ARAM music. Yes, winter music from Howling Abyss (Freljord theme) is back as well! Huge thanks to Natoken team for bringing it back.
  • Winter everywhere! Some map icons (when creating Custom game and during old champ select) were redesigned to reflect winter theme of the map.
  • Santa Baron. Baron Nashor now wears Santa-hats! Thanks for Natoken team for resolving that important feature which was missed in previous versions of Frozen Rift.
  • Updated HUD. Ingame interface was also updated to reflect latest ingame changes such as Elemental dragons icons and file structure revamp, happened some patches ago. It still can be installed separately from map skin. and it is based on classic Freljord HUD.


?  How to install

  1. Install and open Wooxy
  2. Go to “Skins collection”
  3. Unpack downloaded ZIP-file(s)
  4. Drag-n-drop unpacked WXY-files onto Wooxy window (Skins collection)
    • Not need to click “Import skin” button.
  5. It will ask about installing skin. Just click yes and test installed skin in game!


!!  Troubleshooting

  • If you have any problems using Wooxy, submit your problem here and we will work to fix it.
  • To hear music from Howling Abyss (Freljord soundtrack) you must set in game settings to “Updated” music. Classic music option will not work.
  • If you have low FPS or lags, try to turn off “Enable eye-candy” option in Video options. Poros will remain on the map, while snowfall (Frozen Rift), nature effects (batterflies, dragonflies, owls, water lilys, waterfalls, etc on Mystic Rift) and fire on braziers will be disabled.


    • Before installing it (or uninstall and then press) there is PURPLE Settings button where you can uncheck certain files. Go to “lol_game_client / data / sounds” and uncheck tht folder, then install again


  1. Really nice skin, thank you
    A bit sad because some parts doesn’t work because of modifications for the Worlds but hope it will work normally after Worlds.
    Otherwise, an update will be needed


  2. hi … wooxy dosent work , when i try to run it it just says in a popup ” wooxy has stopped working” .
    windows can check blah blah blah … you know the drill .

    what can i do ?!?!?!


  3. every time i try to import the map it wont do so, and if i click on the import and try it that way it skips the file, this is the first custom thing ive tried to download ever


  4. I installed both the map skin and the HUD today via Woxxy but for some reason only the HUD works… The rift remains the same.
    Is there anything I can do to make it work? I don’t think I installed it wrong… I can see it installed in Woxxy.


    • There can be numerous reasons why it doesn’t work for you. First of all, do you have other map, dragon, minion, etc skins? Second – have you tried to install and deinstall multiple times? Third – try to install only map skin, then only hud, and test it

      Liked by 1 person

      • Turns out for some reason I have to install it every time I open Woxxy… Besides that it works like a charm, awesome work 😀


  5. Due to riots new teaser the skin the game is refusing to load i really would like to see what the skin looks like pls update accordingly because the teaser will be removed when the new champion is released which could take a while.


  6. Existor . Fast You Need to fix IT and a more beautiful map Skin What Please Exists the IS Error brush_c_Sr I need this skin so perfect


  7. So I installed Wooxy, correct league of legends file path, installed both the map and hud (they both say they are installed), yet the mods will not work. Same issue with other map mods. Am I missing something?


  8. Will this work in garena ph. Like that blue skin map and is it possible to just use the map skin and HUD ?? i don’t use the sounds that much just for pings and sound effect for bush checking

    Liked by 1 person

  9. it doesnt work :/ pls help…when i drag and drop it in the wooxy windows it says : this is not a valid wooxy skin


  10. Guys i ant install the map file, i drag it (non extracted and extracted, I tried every single option, dragging or with the import skin option ) it just wont copy it. Hud is installed and works but no way to install the map, help?


  11. Doesn’t work , i drag the Zip archive and it doesn nothing on wooxy , when i try to extract the files it says an error message like ” this file cannot be opened as an archive”
    Please help, it worked fine on my laptop but not on my gaming computer 😥


  12. Hi I just wanted to say this is very legit, and dude…what a awesome work, it actually works! But there is 1 problem though, I wanted to test this map for custom mode, custom mode wouldn’t work…. for the rest of the game modes (normal, ranked) it worked perfect, very perfect…is this problem normal for the mod?


    • I don’t really have a solution for that. But, since someone’s already asked how to fix this, I’d also like to know the solution for this. Anyone here know how to fix this?


  13. Winter is my favorite season and I love ice-themed stuff. This was a great find- it looks amazing!


  14. This is such a magnificent map. I can tell you added an immense amount of effort into completing this. I only have one question though, before saying, there’s nothing wrong with your map but how do we reverse it back to Summoner’s Rift?


  15. Added to Wooxy, started LoL, nothing.
    Restarted Wooxy – Says it couldn’t get in some files. How to fix it?


    • Baixa o programa wooxie. Ele faz tudo sozinho. Você só precisa do arquivo. Nele você clica em importar, vai ter duas opções de importação de arquivos; nas duas tem em parenteses o tipo que pode. Ai é só vc escolher o arquivo, fazendo isso, direto ele vai estar na sua biblioteca no wooxie. É bem simples o programa, até porque pode-se instalar e desinstalar qualquer mod a hora que quiser. Só não sei se é bom faze-lo com o lol aberto.


  16. Not need to click “Import skin” button.
    Not need to click “Add package” button.
    Drag-n-drop only one file at time.?
    nothing changes


  17. I downloaded the Blue yasuo design it and change only the image of the character, was so change the image or it can take all I n my cuz print screen is black: c, yes I have yasuo project,excuse for writing in Portuguese before rs


  18. eu baixei o projeto yasuo azul la e mudo apenas a imagem do personagem,era so mudar a imagem ou ele inteiro?eu n consigo tirar print pq minha tela fica preta :c ,sim eu tenho o projeto yasuo


  19. Hey Existor do you know how to fix this error connecting with maestro or Maestro error 😦 ? pls help


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