Fallen Rift

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Be part of a scarier experience as you battle in a 5v5 on what once was known as Summoner’s Rift: Fallen Rift!

Make sure to download V2.1 and delete V2 from your pc to avoid your game to crash.

Fallen Rift
Fallen Rift Twilight


The main theme for this Summoner’s Rift map skin is “Dark and Red” which gives you scary, but also mysterious vibes as you play the game. This map has been inspired by the Fallen Angel Morgana’s W “Tormented Soil”. Main features include:

  • The ground of Summoner’s Rift has been broken and has died out throughout the entire map.
  • The buildings are much darker as they are slowly dying out.
  • The Loading Screen is Red which fits the Fallen Rift better.
  • The Jungle monsters fit the area around them better.
  • The Turrets have a Red glow around them which radiates an aura.
  • Unique HUD for Fallen Rift: Fallen HUD.

Fallen HUD:

Fallen HUD

Play with the Fallen HUD which will give you a better experience that fits better to the Fallen theme while playing on Fallen Rift.
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Blue & Red Base:


Both the Red & Blue team have a pattern on the ground which resembles tormented Soil. The Blue team has blue effects while the red team has red effects. So when you play on Fallen Rift, make sure to turn on/off relative team colors so the Turrets, Inhibitors and Nexus fit with this theme.

Background Scenery:

Fallen Rift V2 Gallery 4

The background has been changed to Red so it feels like the end of Summoner’s Rift is nearing. Throughout the map you will see Red parts because of this.

Jungle Camp Monsters:

Jungle Camps

Jungle Camps fit the area around them. The brushes in River are Cyan as well as the Dragon, Herald and Baron. Red camps are located on a Red zone while Blue camps are located on a Blue zone. The other Jungle camps have been recolored so it fits better with this map.

Turrets, Inhibitors and Nexus:

Blue TurretsRed Turrets

Play with the Fallen Turrets, Inhibitors and Nexus which will give you a better experience that fits better to the Fallen theme while playing on Fallen Rift.
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Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment to let me know what you think of the updated Fallen Rift and if you have any ideas for new skins or maps which you would like to see. Go to mapskins.com/author/pentaking to see my skins.

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Gameplay on Fallen Rift Alpha Version:

Fallen Video Fallen Gallery Fallen Download



  1. Dear Pentaking , could you maybe put a new Download Link for the Fallen Rift map,because when I go to the Link it says “Error 404 Page not found” :/ The HUD and Buildinng downoad works though.


  2. HELLO BRO! CAN YOU FIX MAP BEACH RIFT PLEASE FOR PATCH 7.3 ??? becouse dont worked after this new update …. please fix map beach rift !!??


  3. there is “bug” (i guess) where the map skin doesnt work with the structure skin it automatically deinstalls them and i dont know why. D:
    I would be pleased if u could fix. Thanks in advance.


  4. Hi PentaKing, this map is awesome, but I’m here to ask you please could you create a very nice skin for Twisted Fate, I have found a few on this page, I’m sure that you could create a very nice one, could you? Pleasssssssse!!!!


  5. Any time I kill the scuttle crab I crash because of some error about the scuttle crab’s ward texture thingy 😦