Mapskins Monthly Events


Welcome everyone to the Official Events Page made for Mapskins Members as well as the fans of Mapskins. Every month there will be a new event where creators will get the chance to create something in a certain theme. Creating these skins will reward the winner with Prizes such as Mystery Boxes, Highlighted skins on the top skins page or other rewards for that matter.

Event Rules & Prizes:

Create a Christmas post

  • Rules: Create a post with the theme: Christmas. This means that you can create skins, maps, interface mods (HUD for example) etc. Add the Tag “Christmas” to your skin so these skins can enter this event. Only posts between December 1st & December 31st are eligible. They can also be found back on the link below to see all the Christmas skins created so far.
  • Prizes: There are 2 Prizes for this event. One is for the most popular post which will be decided through statistics only. The other is for the highest quality in the post (meaning the presentation is very important to win this).
    • Most popular Christmas post: Will receive a Mystery Box in League of Legends.
    • Top quality Christmas post: Will be featured on this Events page for the entire Month as the Winner of the event.

Create a Christmas Video

  • Rules: Create a video with at least one Christmas Custom Skin/mod/map from Mapskins installed and upload it to Youtube. Insert a link to this Page in the comments and/or a link to the installed Custom Skin in the description of the video so it can be found back by the admins from Mapskins. Also send a link for the video to @pentaking on discord. This is the Discord link in case you haven’t joined our server yet:
  • Prize: Will be featured on this Events page for the entire Month as the Winner of the event.


Click here to go to all the Christmas Skins created so far

Event Winners:

  • Most popular Christmas post: Will be announced January 15th
  • Top quality Christmas post:Will be announced January 1st
  • Create a video: Will be announced January 1st

Mapskins Snowdown LoL TournamentRegister now at discord to compete in this tournament. More information can be found by clicking here.

Previous event page for Halloween


  1. hope to see a vayne skin or a lee sin skin on those:Di have so many ideas but sadly im not able to make skins:(


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