Weekly Top Skins

Mapskins Weekly is every Sunday at 5PM (UTC +01:00). Last updated: 1 December 2016 (Snowdown graphical update)

Mapskins Weekly:

November Week 4:

Honorable Mentions

French Maid Ahri
Evil Gentleman Teemo
Tryndamere as Sven
French Maid Lux
Heartseeker Evelynn
Bewitched Sona
Arpy Anivia
Iron Inquisitor Leona
Afro-Dite Janna
Ballora Orianna
XinZhao as Nabooru

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What is this page:

Mapskins has a lot of good posts weekly, but it feels like it gets buried under the dozens of posts. Therefore this page has been made so everyone can still keep track of the incredibly good as well as popular posts. The selection of best weekly skins are decided as following:
– Most Popular Skin: This skin has received the most views compared to the other posts in that week.
– Fan Favorite Skin: This skin has received the most downloads compared to the other posts in that week.
– High Quality Skin(s): The best skin(s) of the week based on effort, presentation of the post, smoothness of the skin and opinions of experienced skin authors.


  1. Thanks for the mention!, I haven’t been making skins lately because I noticed the quality in my skins going down so I’m gonna stop posting so frequently and focus and making the skins as detailed as possible🙂


  2. could any1 help me , i get the “skipped files” error and i’m searching but i cant find the solution anywhere


  3. Hi,
    I need some help with the creation of my custom skin. So i recolored the Muay Thai Lee with paint.net.
    Now i want to chage the abilitie particles ( change color of q for example ) but I dont know which file to extract.
    Under the folder for the spells for lee I just find ”.luaobj” (BlindMonkEManager.luaobj) but i can t open these files with paint.net.


    • use wooxys extractor, textures are .dds files , but from what im aware paint wont open these
      they are usaly found in “lol_game_client\DATA\Characters\Aatrox\Skins\Base\Particles”
      id suggest using photoshop or programs like this…they realy make it ton easier😉


    • just extract the whole ‘lee sin’ bundle via ‘wooxy file extractor’ and then theres a folder in the skin u chose called ‘particles’ , if it isn’t there then it probably uses the base skin particles, so look over there and copy that folder in the muay thai folder. Then u can open those files in paint.net (i also use that program) and use the Crtl+Shift+U (or the color palet changer of contrast 0-200, dark/light 0-200 (idk how its called)) and then u can change it in the color u want😉 If ur confused i’ll try to type it with screenshots.🙂


  4. Hi
    Um as I see pentaking answers I got a question. I just made my own custom skin with paint.net I just recolored the muay thai Lee and I wanna know how to change the particles. I know how to extract the files from wooxy but I just found the one for the skins the dds. Files. Do you get the files for the abilities from wooxy too, if how are the names of lee s abilities?


    • there should be a particles folder in the base folder for lee sin. same as the textures you can change the dds files for the particles. if there are no files, you will have to find them in the shared folder. maybe someone can help you out if you join on discord.


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