Overwatch to League of Legends

Welcome to the Overwatch to League of Legends skins page. On this page you will get all the links to the available skins from overwatch for League of Legends. Note that not every hero has a skin yet. In those cases the description will say “NOT AVAILABLE YET”. These will be added as soon as they are made!




  1. Can you guys do a Kled – DVA skin? so when kled is on skaarl, dva is in her mekka, and skaarl runs away dva’s mekka gets destroyed


    • that’s actually some advanced shet right there, pretty sure it would be really hard to do something like that


  2. Why don’t you make Tracer – Ekko ? the ability is predy the same, just give a sword to Tracer and let’s go. XD


  3. great idea but I think, you should make bright skins a bit darker, maybe add some dirt/scratches to make them blend with SR map theme. Right now they are just out of overall game theme.


    • Sardonyx is fixing the textures for most of the skins right now. The McCree and Widowmaker got some small updates so they blend better with League


  4. Torbojorn could be Heimer
    Zenyatta could be Bard
    Zarya could be Vi but having second thoughts
    Lucio or Tracer as Lucian
    Roadhog could be Blitz as well
    Mei could be Anivia
    Tracer could also be MF
    Pharah could be Kayle or.. Aatrox? lol
    Bastion.. that’s a hard one but weirdly I’d choose Jinx.
    I’d love to have Reinhardt Ekko xD

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    • Nice ideas
      I think Tracer should be ezreal
      Bastion should be Kog Maw
      Zenyatta as Lulu
      and for Lucio i dont have ideas


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