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This page will give you an overview of all the skin series present on Mapskins.

The Navigation brings you to the different starting letters of Skin series. After each section is finished you will find an icon which brings you back to the Navigation tab. Clicking on the thumbnail of each skin series will give you an overview about every post with tags for the skin series.


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Anime themed Skins

SAO, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Naruto, RWBY and more
Hatsune Miku Sona by MrBrokoli
Mioda Ibuki Katarina by MuvLuv


Arcade and Battle Boss themed Skins

Arcade Tristana by Daddy Bear
Arcade Master-Yi by Martin
Secret Boss Vel’koz by Hakujoo


Arclight themed Skins

Arclight Taliyah by Xzanderzone
Arclight Ashe by Yorû



Battlecast themed Skins

Battlecast Rengar by Sabre
Battlecast Poppy by Atrix
Battlecast Fizz by SavagePrey


Blood Moon themed Skins

Blood Moon Karma by EYM
Blood Moon Master-Yi by Coldteamzx
Blood Moon Lucian by Sabre


Bunny girl/Battle bunny themed Skins

Battlebunny Jinx by Carve91
Battle Bunny Miss Fortune by Sislex
Bunny Girl Nidalee by CarnelianWrath



Cloud9 Team Skins

Cloud9 Sneaky Twitch by Pentaqueen
Cloud9 Riven by Pentaqueen
Teams Month Cloud9 Team by Pentaking



Cartoon themed Skins

Pearl as Fiora by Dadrice
Atlantis-Kida inspired Karma by Yorû
Spongebob Teemo by Pentaking


Challenger themed Skins

Challenger Syndra by Baby Bear
Challenger HUD by Rayy
Challenger Miss Fortune by Baby Bear


Christmas themed Skins

Slaybelle Ahri by EnchantingNicole
Mistletoe Ashe by the Wardens
Candy Cane Ashe by EnchantingNicole


Chroma Skins

Mastery Riven by Badie
Tundra Hunter Warwick Chroma by Tyre_4770
Frozen Skin Pack by panvpan


Cosmic Reaver themed Skins

Cosmic Reaver Xin Zhao by CarnelianWrath
Cosmic Reaver Diana by Baby Bear
Cosmic Reaver Zed by CarnelianWrath



Dark themed Skins

Darkflame Ahri by Yorû
Dark Guardian Lux by GrothicDoll/Xzanderzone
Dark Form Diana by BabyBear


Dark Star themed Skins

Dark Star Summoners Rift by Baby Bear and Daddy Bear
Dark Star Janna by TheVanillaLR
Dark Star Olaf by SavagePrey


Dawnbringer themed Skins

Dawnbringer Xayah by Damonix
Dawnbringer Camille by TheVanillaLR
Dawnbringer Leona by Damonix


Death Blossom themed Skins

Death Blossom Cassiopeia by Baby Bear
Death Blossom Rek’sai by Daddy Bear



Death Sworn themed Skins

Death Sworn Katarina HUD by Yorû
Death Sworn Kindred by Bashiie
Death Sworn Kalista by Yorû


Demon themed Skins

Demonic Twitch by Xzanderzone
Demonblade Diana by Yorû
Demon Ezreal by ZiGiZaG



Elderwood themed Skins

Elderwood Lux by Baby Bear
Dryad Xayah and Satyr Rakan by Pentaqueen
Elderwood Miss Fortune by Baby Bear


Eternum themed Skins

Eternum Kayle by ggRengar
Eternum Lux by Yorû
Eternum Ashe by ggRengar



Firecracker themed Skins

Firecracker Karma by Enchanting Nicole
Firecracker Teemo by SavagePrey
Firecracker Miss Fortune by Enchanting Nicole


Fnatic Team Skins

Fnatic Team Month Bundle by Pentaking
Fnatic HUD by Thornnn
Fnatic Rengar by MrMadSheep


Forest Guardian themed Skins

Forest Guardian ARAM by Damonix
Forest Guardian loadingscreenborder by Damonix
Forest Guardian Taliyah by Damonix


French Maid themed Skins

French Maid Ahri by Atrix
French Maid Fiora by Carve91
French Maid Lux by Enchanting Nicole


Frozen themed Skins

Frozen Ivern Chroma by Bibpanana
Frozen Morgana by DarkYudeX
Frozen Lux by Pineapplesorbet



Galaxy themed Skins

Galaxy Kindred by Yorû
Arclight Galaxy Riven by SavagePrey
Galactic Rammus by Thornnn


Glacial themed Skins

Glacial LeBlanc by Pineapplesorbet
Dark Glacial Illaoi by Thornnn



Halloween themed Skins

Execution Ground Mapskins by Damonix
Bewitching Lulu by Yorû
Sleepy Hollow Darius by SavagePrey


Headhunter themed Skins

Headhunter LeBlanc by Pentaqueen
Headhunter Camille by Yorû
Headhunter Vayne by Savageprey



Heavenly themed Skins

Heavenly Battle Rift by Divine Goddess
Heavenly Warrior Pantheon by Thornnn and Divine Goddess
Heavenly Sona by Divine Goddess





Kitty Cat themed Skins

Kitty Cat Evelynn by Pentaking
Kitty Queen Lux by TheVanillarLR
Kitty Cat Bard by Sislex


Kingdom Hearts themed Skins

Vanitas as Ekko by Xzanderzone
Ansem as Annie by Xzanderzone
Armored Terra as Nasus by Xzanderzone



Lunar Revel / Chinese New Year themed Skins

Lunar Revel Ahri by Yorû
Warring Kingdoms Fiora by Sislex
Firecracker Karma by Enchanting Nicole




Hyper Dimension Neptunia themed Skins

Dark Goddess by Muvluv
The Goddess human form by Muvluv
Neptunia robot guys by Muvluv


Nightbringer themed Skins

Nigthbringer Syndra by Yorû
Nightbringer Draven by Xzanderzone
Nigthbringer Yasuo Pack by Yorû



Origen Team Skins

Origen HUD by Thornnn
OG Bundle by Pentaking


Old Models

Old Miss Fortune by Sstiwy
Old Fiora by Albysamasaur
Old Trundle by Sstiwy


Order of the Lotus themed Skins

Order of the Lotus Caitlyn by Baby Bear
Order of the Lotus Syndra by Sislex



Overwatch Skins

D.Va as Miss Fortune by Striker911
Tracer Riven by Tuphac
Mercy Kayle by MrBrokoli



Pentaking themed Skins

Pentaking Yasuo
Pentaking Graves



Pretty Pink themed Skins

Explorer of the Fifth Age Ezreal by LoLittleBoy
Pretty Pink Aurelion Sol bye Tyre_4770
Pretty Pink Volibear by Thornnn


Pirate themed Skins

Bilgewater Border & Loadingscreen by Damonix
Pirate/Bilgewater HUD by Sardonyx
Pirate Ahri by Sardonyx


Pokémon themed Skins

Pokémon Trainer Lulu by MrBrokoli
Cosmog Ward by MrBrokoli
Pikachu Warwick by Swineith


Pool Party themed Skins

Pool Party Yasuo by Sabre
Pool Party Tristana by Sislex
Pool Party Vel’koz by Yorû


PROJECT themed Skins

PROJECT: Vayne by Sabre
PROJECT: Miss Fortune by ZiGiZaG
PROJECT: Riven by Sabre


Pulsefire themed Skins

Pulsefire Diana by TheVanillaLR
Pulsefire Orianna by Daddy Bear
Pulsefire Lucian by Sabre




Royal Flush team Skins

Royal Jack Garen
Celestial Morgana
Royal Ace Yasuo



Soulstealer themed Skins

Soulstealer Caitlyn by Yorû
Soulstealer LeBlanc by Pentaking
Soulstealer Evelynn by Yorû


Star Guardian themed Skins

Star Guardian Ashe by EnchantingNicole
Star Guardian Jhin by Damonix
Star Guardian Thresh by MyThreshous


Summer time Skins

Summer time Quinn by CarnelianWrath
Summer time Syndra by Carnelian Wrath
Summer time Caitlyn by Carnelian Wrath


Super Hero Skins

Orange Lantern Draven by TheOneLeaguer
Deadpool Shen by MrBrokoli
Batman Cosplayer Nasus by Thornnn


Surgeon themed Skins

Surgeon Darius by MuvLuv
Surgeon Garen by MrBrokoli
Surgeon Master Yi by Coldteamzx




Transformers Prime Skins

Transformer Prime by MuvLuv
Transformers Prime 2 by MuvLuv
Transformer Prime 3 by MuvLuv


TSM Team Skins

TSM HUD by Thornnn
TSM Team Bundle by Pentaking
TSM BjergSyndra by Pentaqueen




Valentines Day  themed Skins

Heartseeker Tristana by Tristana
Heartseeker Tresh by MyTreshous
Sweetheart Soraka by Team Royal Flush


Victorious themed Skins

Victorious Riven by Carve91
Victorious Syndra by Yorû
Victorious Fiora by Carve91


Video Games themed Skins

Tom Nook as shopkeeper by MrBrokoli
Ashe as Pit by MrBrokoli
Kamek as Lulu by MrBrokoli


Void themed Skins

Void Rift by Yorû
Void Sorceress Cassiopeia by BabyBear
Void Hunter Rengar by VeltrayKeios



Winter themed Skins

Winter Crystal Rift by Yurixy
Snow Day Ezreal by Sislex
Winter Wonder Sona by Yorû





The Legend of Zelda themed Skins

Xin Zhao as Naboru by MrBrokoli
Kindred as Majora and Skull Kid by Mundonator
Young Link as Master Yi by MrBrokoli



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    • not allowed. Don’t do it because riot will not be happy with you doing that. you have to buy them with RP if you want to play them.


  1. If someone could make a Riven Marth skin from super smash brothers it would be awesome


  2. Just a thought, aren’t the Overwatch, Transformers, Anime and Pokemon groups in violation of the first rule stated on this site (no illegal, sexual or copywrited content) or are they covered under fair use as parodies?

    Of course this may be my personal bias speaking out as I dislike those four things


    • These skins are acceptable as that mapskins has investigated on this matter alot before allowing it. Skins in violation of the first rule dont get accepted and so will not appear on the site.

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    • We just use and distribute them as parodies skins, and all the skins are free to use, we don’t charge anyone for using skins. If one of these big companies think we are harming their business in any way, they can send me an email with a legal cease and desist and we will immediately remove all the posts with the content linked to the company and block future posts containing it.

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  3. I meticulously organize my mods and the series already created almost perfectly mirror how i have archived my downloaded mods. I was wondering if you could add:

    A “Dragon Ball” series for Pentaking, or does that fall under “Anime?”
    A “Nintendo” series that includes both the Metroid skins made by Mundonator and the Legend of Zelda skins made by MrBrokoli?

    All of those groups have at least 3 mods, but going forward, what is the minimum amount needed to consider starting a new series?


    • More series will come out at the end of every or every other week. Arcade, Omega Hextech and another serie will come this weekend 🙂


  4. Welcome to the Skin Series page, we hope you enjoy it! Lexianna suggested the idea of this page and has collected all the data needed for this page. So a big thanks to her contribution. This will get updated alot more over time so keep your eyes open for updates.