Skin Series

Last updated: 25 July 2016

What is this – This page contains champion skins which belong to a series of more skins of the same theme. Custom champion skins change the appearance of champion skins which can only be seen by you. Any custom skin presented in this website are safe to use as they only have cosmetic effect.

Mapskins Weekly:

Latest Additions:


















  1. Just a thought, aren’t the Overwatch, Transformers, Anime and Pokemon groups in violation of the first rule stated on this site (no illegal, sexual or copywrited content) or are they covered under fair use as parodies?

    Of course this may be my personal bias speaking out as I dislike those four things


    • These skins are acceptable as that mapskins has investigated on this matter alot before allowing it. Skins in violation of the first rule dont get accepted and so will not appear on the site.

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    • We just use and distribute them as parodies skins, and all the skins are free to use, we don’t charge anyone for using skins. If one of these big companies think we are harming their business in any way, they can send me an email with a legal cease and desist and we will immediately remove all the posts with the content linked to the company and block future posts containing it.

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  2. I meticulously organize my mods and the series already created almost perfectly mirror how i have archived my downloaded mods. I was wondering if you could add:

    A “Dragon Ball” series for Pentaking, or does that fall under “Anime?”
    A “Nintendo” series that includes both the Metroid skins made by Mundonator and the Legend of Zelda skins made by MrBrokoli?

    All of those groups have at least 3 mods, but going forward, what is the minimum amount needed to consider starting a new series?


  3. Welcome to the Skin Series page, we hope you enjoy it! Lexianna suggested the idea of this page and has collected all the data needed for this page. So a big thanks to her contribution. This will get updated alot more over time so keep your eyes open for updates.


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