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Night Rift

Night Rift

Night Rift map was moved to:


Ice Rift v3 – now with gates!

This is a very small update to Ice Rift map texture overhaul that includes not so many changes, but some of them are based on feedback. For example I could […]

Ice Rift - Red camp

Ice Rift v2 is now live

After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.


Ice Rift

Hey League of Legends community. This is Ice Rift – full texture overhaul of original updated Summoner’s Rift map into winter theme.


Noir Rift – New Download Option

Hello everyone. We know the new Summoner Rift was announced by Riot and we are very excited about it. However, the new SR will certainly delay some time to appear, […]