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Category: Maps

Sharp Abyss

Hi Everyone, Martin here from Team Royal Flush presenting you: Sharp Abyss!

Heavenly Battle Rift

Only you can see this, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we present today? Divine Goddess & PentaKing bring you: The Heavenly Battle Rift!

Shadow Isles Rift

Team Royal Flush would like to present to you, a Map Skin for Summoner’s Rift: The Shadow Isles Rift.

Frozen Rift

Previously named “Ice Rift”, this map reskin got almost complete texture overhaul as well as some new features, that were not implemented before. With all the latest updates to original […]

Winter is coming!

It’s getting cold and the Winter Rift is back, with all its original features!

Butcher’s Bridge

Since the Bilgewater event is finished and the Howling Abyss returned, I make available a complete version of the Riot map: the Butcher’s Bridge.

Mystic Rift (HD Patch)

This is a very small patch to Mystic Rift map skin. The change is pretty simple – ground textures were replaced by HD ones. That means all the pixelated noise […]

Fallen Rift V1

Everything used to be full of life and energy. Now all of this has died out within the Rift and is slowly spreading to the outer world as the twilight comes […]

Mystic Rift

Long time ago somewhere around Ice Rift release I wanted to create a special reskin for Summoner’s Rift. Why it’s called special? Because basically it’s not reskin, but more likely […]