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Category: Maps

Dark Star Summoners Rift Map

Dark Star Summoners Rift Once the darkness from the Event Horizon spread throughout the cosmos as it feed on every drop of life it came across, it grew larger. Thresh, […]

Lazy Rift MSI Patch 2017

Hello lovelies, bringing you a map patch for Lazy Rift that replaces the MSI textures with Lazy Rift-themed MSI textures. 🙂 Screenshots: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED LAZY RIFT FOR […]

Lazy Abyss & Lazy Rift Updates

Hey there, everyone! I’ve finally updated Lazy Abyss and Lazy Rift.   Lazy Abyss For Lazy Abyss, I’ve updated the Poros. You can download the update HERE. You can see […]

Winter Crystal Rift

Face the mighty Frozen Dragon!   Features: Purple Fire Smooth transitions Reduced brightness – better snow for the eyes Frozen jungle lakes Custom frozen roads Crystal rocks Frozen structures, minions […]

Doombots 2016 – Summoner’s Rift

I was a little disappointed that the new Halloween maps was only for the Doombots gamemode. So, instead of playing Doombots 24/7, I decided to make it a skin for […]

Sharp Treeline

Hi Everyone, Martin here from Team Royal Flush presenting you: Sharp Treeline!