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Category: Splash Art

Arcade Tristana – (DaddyBear)

What The Skin Looks Like:   General Info and Features: Custom Model for base Custom Textures Custom Particles Custom Loading Screens Author: “Mr DaddyBear” and “Mrs BabyBear” Skins For: Base […]

Cyber-Power Gauntlet Map 22/8/17

The Nova Prospect Cyber-Power Gauntlet Insert coin here: Chose your character. The Nova Prospect Cyber-Power Gauntlet, a project we’ve had in the shadows for a couple of months now and […]

Pool Party Trundle

What the Skin looks like: Features: Custom Model for Trundle’s Base skin Custom Textures Custom model for the pillar Custom Particles for all abilities Custom Loading Screen Image => Download […]

Old Fiora Model Returns.

Updated Working Old Fiora Model   I sincerely apologize for the unorganized and sloppy look of this post.  This is my first post ever on Mapskins and even through WordPress […]

Sona Selene

Custom Skin for Base Sona. Concept, Splashart and Unwrap repaint by Venturaneki