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Category: Splash Art

Star Guardian Thresh

After the loss of one of his fellow guardians, Thresh had blamed himself and grew emotionally distant from the rest of his team. Choosing to wear a mask to hide […]

Arcade Tristana – (DaddyBear)

What The Skin Looks Like:   General Info and Features: Custom Model for base Custom Textures Custom Particles Custom Loading Screens Author: “Mr DaddyBear” and “Mrs BabyBear” Skins For: Base […]

Pool Party Trundle

What the Skin looks like: Features: Custom Model for Trundle’s Base skin Custom Textures Custom model for the pillar Custom Particles for all abilities Custom Loading Screen Image => Download […]

Old Fiora Model Returns.

Updated Working Old Fiora Model   I sincerely apologize for the unorganized and sloppy look of this post.  This is my first post ever on Mapskins and even through WordPress […]

Sona Selene

Custom Skin for Base Sona. Concept, Splashart and Unwrap repaint by Venturaneki