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Category: Hud

Soulhunter Kayn HUD

Welp. With the release of Kayn, and the fact that he’s hot af, especially in Soulhunter, I made a HuD using the Soulhunter Splash. I can make one using the […]

Dawnbringer VS. Nightbringer

Choose your side: Chaos or Order, your decision. Team Nigthbringer: Choose the side of chaos and fight the light. Download Team Nightbringer Loadingscreenborders Team Dawnbringer: Choose the side of order […]

Nightbringer Yasuo Pack

Download Nightbringer Yasuo HUD Download Nightbringer Loadingscreenborders General Info: Author: Yorû Release Date: 28 June 2017 Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment down below to […]


Hey, guys. It’s been a while since I’ve made something. A couple people made requests and I never got to them, and I apologize. I just got caught up in World […]

Gold and Blue Zed Skin & Hud

Features: Recolored Look New Particles New Interface matching Colours with Zed General Info: Author: Gous Size: 1.85 MB Release Date: 21.05.2017 Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. […]

NieR Automata: 2B HUD

Hey guys! I’ve been taking HUD requests, and the first one is finished. This one was requested by Akira#3416 (Also known as Irelia*・゚✧-)!   Enjoy!   Screenshot:   Features: New […]

You Make My Heart Beat HUD

And.. once again.. I made a HuD.. A good friend of mine had made the original image for me as a wallpaper. I asked him if I could make a […]

Cosmic Dusk and Dawn HUD

Hello, everyone 🙂 I’m back again with another HUD!!!! Screenshot:     SO UH I REALIZED I’M AN IDIOT AND DIDN’T MAKE THE NONLEVELABLE ARROW DARK ENOUGH SO HERE I FIXED IT […]

Ruby Rose – Fractured Roses [HuD]

Hello, everyone. I’m back with another HUD!   I thought of my sister while making this HUD. She’s in love with the character and I thought this image was perfect. […]