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Category: Champions

Samus Aran Galactic Bountyhunter Ezreal

Hello all, I made some extras to what is probably my favorite custom skin by Muvluv! It now has additional skin colors for Frosted and Nottingham Ezreal (they looked buggy […]

Blessed Isles Yorick (v1.4)

Hello again, so after receiving a few comments on v1.0 I decided to go with a more arclight theme (It still works with my original idea of Yorick before the […]

Iron Executioner Kassadin

Hello all, This is my second skin that I’ll be working on. Kassadin has always been my favorite champion. Don’t get me wrong, his cosmic reaver skin is good on […]

Business-Bot Blitzcrank

Featuring a new and dapper version of Definitely Not Blitzcrank! The beige trench coat of the original skin blended too much with his body so I thought this worked much […]

Cosmic Reaver Diana

Cosmic Reaver Diana Mother of the moon. A herotic once, hated by her friend, now she’s reached a new power, a power that comes from further than her own. Cosmic […]

Peppermint Lulu

I didn’t like this skin enough to buy it at full price, but since it’s on sale this month I thought why not! This is my version of Bittersweet Lulu, […]

Irelia Arcade

Screenshots : Model : Spells : Features: Custom model for Irelia’s base skin Custom particles Custom loading screen General Info: Author: Hakujoo Size: 13 Mb Try it out yourself. Hope […]

Elderwood Lux

  Elderwood Lux Beautiful, sweet, the mother of light, Lux. Blooming to new heights, Lux has had a bit of a run in with the Elderwood. Her Guardian experience should […]

Winter Wonder Sona(Bibpanana)

Screenshots: Features: Retexture of Silent Night Sona for BASE & ORIGINAL  General Info: Author: Bibpanana Release Date: 8/13/2017 Download and Install: You can install this skin with Wooxy: 1. Download […]