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Category: Champions

Janitor Jax

Another skin that I may or may not have made for Kshaway. Remodeling and animating Jax made me feel like doing milk first then cereal. If you like what I […]

Star Guardian Nidalee

Star Guardian Nidalee The forsaken Guardian, a happy soul, here to free and fight for what’s right. Jinx and Lux taking all the spotlight! Aha! Nidalee is back and shining […]

Fairy Princess Lux

Fairy Princess Lux The princess of the forest, the guardian of nature; The fairy princess Lux is awoken by chaos in her forest. The junglers are fighting again, messing up […]

Soul Stealer Evelynn Voiceover

[Attacking] – Basic Attack Let me feast! Your soul is mine! Give me your life! I will take what is mine! Endless life starts with your death! I’m just getting […]

Old Fiora Model Returns.

Updated Working Old Fiora Model   I sincerely apologize for the unorganized and sloppy look of this post.  This is my first post ever on Mapskins and even through WordPress […]

Vision Malzahar

Hey guys, This custom skin is a recolored Malzahar skin with  particles and texture based on Vision from Marvel. This skin replaces the base skin.

Meownu (Kitty Cat Nunu)

HAPPY EARLY APRIL THE FIRST! Today Ladies and Gents, I present to you my silly skin, Meownu! Or formally known as Kitty Cat Nunu.

Welcome To The League Of Penta

For April Fools Day Event, with the Penta-Couple in mind! Features: Custom Model for Master Yi Base. Custom Model for Morgana Base. Custom Textures for Both. Custom Loading Screen images […]

Mistletoe Ashe

This skin is presented by Damonix and PentaQueen as part of The Wardens, Due to circumstances it was belated and didn’t quite make it in time for the event, This charming […]