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Category: Champions

Snow Day Nami

@tristanaversace had the idea of putting Nami into Syndras coat.I liked the idea a lot so I did some texture work and completely new particles ^-^

-Malfurious Bard-

Hello guys, I was inactive for quite some time now, and this is a skin iv been working on for past week. I love playing Bard in and I have […]

Nami Nixie

Nixies in german folklore are water sprites with a fishy tail who try to lure people into the water.  Sounds good to make some transformations on the basic skin of […]

Cyber Pop Annie

Model : Video : Features : • Custom model for Annie’s base skin • Custom model for Tibbers’s base skin • Custom particles • Awesome stealth:–) General info : • […]

[Voicepack] DJ Sona

This skin is presented by TricolorStar This voice pack provides DJ Sona with 3 unique voices for each form, plus transformation and ability lines! KINETIC: Melodiva CONCUSSIVE: Heisenbern ETHEREAL: Seph

Bewitching Ahri

  Screenshots     Features: Custom skin (for classic Ahri) Custom particles Custom loading art New dance animation and recall General Info: Author: Sislex Size: 3,06 MB Release Date: 23.11.2017 […]

Battle Bunny Riven fix

  The TUPHAC version is not working well anymore, so i made this.   Features: New model for “Base” New effects. General Info: Author: Carve tuphac Try it out yourself. Hope you will […]


Well, I initially started this skin in March 2017, but I never finished it…until now!

Heartseeker Vayne Overhaul

The Heartseeker Vayne skin always bothered me because it didn’t look like the splashart at I tried to update it ^^

Kitty Cat Riven.

I'm a fan of Tuphac skins, I take some elements of their published skins.   Features: New model for “Base” New effects. General Info: Author: Carve tuphac Try it out yourself. […]

Hextech Harpy Anivia

Hello again it’s me Hapi  !!! I have for you guys my new skin Hextech Harpy Anivia /’o’/ please enjoy chirp~. Once again with my boyfriend Atrix’s help , I’ve been able […]

Archmage Morgana

“Morgana Proudmoore, The Fallen Lady of Theramore” Screenshots:   Features: Ported Master Jaina skin from Heroes Of The Storm Changed Icon and Loading Screen General Info: Author: Tio Ruffus (Theadrill) […]

Death Sworn Ryze

Here’s my second Death Sworn skin! Enjoy! ~ I present to you, Death Sworn Ryze! (Comment Skin Ideas For More <3) ~

Tyrandashe (Blood Elf Ashe)

“Anu belore dela’na – The eternal sun guides us”   About: Ashe as Blood Elf Tyrande is my first skin port, I’ll try to make more ports from Heroes Of […]


“A new Starchild emerges from the Darkness”  About: Imagine Annie as every League of Legends Champions… Starting with SORAKA! This is my first League Custom Skin, hope you enjoy it, […]