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Category: Champions

Bewitching Annie

Annie the little fire witch now in a fitting costume and a nice hat for Tibbers…Your treat for Friday the 13th~

Star Guardian Taric

~Stay a while and listen!~ The stars were the question. I was the answer. There is great power in the stars. Great danger as well. The stars keep the darkness […]

Academy Camille

The newest member of the Academy squad has arrived to a town! Welcome Academy Camille! This is officially my first skin put on mapskins so I’m glad I can finally […]


Where is the gold having all … when lost your soul? A REALLY HEADCRUSHER YORICK (the first name was Headcrusher Yorick … but then I wanted to honor a classic […]

Ravenborn Quinn

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” Ages ago I played with someone who recognized my name from Mapskins and asked for a Ravenborn Quinn..and well finally I found some inspiration and motivation […]

SoulStealer Ashe – DaddyBear

SoulStealer Ashe When Ashe’s arrow hits you, you know it drains part of your soul, slowing you down, making you weak. Well now she looks the part. What does this […]

Fire Lux

This skin is presented by MadameRikku as part of The Wardens. First part of the 4 skins: Fire Lux