Beach Rift – Download





Beach Rift (v1) by Yurixy

ZIP 60mb

Beach Rift – Night (v1) by Yurixy

ZIP 131mb

Beach Rift – Full Sand (v1) by Yurixy

ZIP 62mb


  1. Install, open Wooxy and go to “Skins”.
  2. Drag and drop the file downloaded from here inside the Wooxy window.
  3. Select the skin and click on “Install”. Done! You can test by spectating a game.


  • If you have any problems using Wooxy, submit your problem here and we will work to fix it.


  1. nice map smh it works, i thought it wasnt going to work cuz of the new drakes, but it works perfectly 😛


    • No. Windows is an operating system, OS X is an operating system.

      Wooxy is a program you install to Windows that allows you to manage the skins you download from here and easily install them to your game.


    • Yep, brushes is the biggest problem in this map because we only have bushes and brushes are not here 😛


  2. I can’t find the “skins” thing it tells me to go to… or the download file… I’m on a mac… does it work for macs?


  3. I want to ask that can all players on the map see the sand or it is just myself can see the difference?


  4. i cant open the file with wooxy, i cant even find it in wooxy. i mean it tells me to select a folder and i cant find anyone.


  5. You guys may want to change the default installation folder, I had to move it to my documents from C:
    It would only launch itself in administrator mode but even then nothing worked ( drag and drop did nothing and I could not add the file manually either ).


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