Lazy Rift Arcade Update!

Heya! Today I bring you an update for Lazy Rift which will include all of the Arcade themed textures!    Screenshots: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED LAZY RIFT FOR THIS. […]

Undertaker Yorick HUD

So I posted a mass post of my best custom skins/huds over on Reddit and a few people requested a HUD! This is #1 down. Hope everyone likes it!! Screenshot: Features: […]

Soulhunter Kayn HUD

Welp. With the release of Kayn, and the fact that he’s hot af, especially in Soulhunter, I made a HuD using the Soulhunter Splash. I can make one using the […]


Hey, guys. It’s been a while since I’ve made something. A couple people made requests and I never got to them, and I apologize. I just got caught up in World […]

NieR Automata: 2B HUD

Hey guys! I’ve been taking HUD requests, and the first one is finished. This one was requested by Akira#3416 (Also known as Irelia*・゚✧-)!   Enjoy!   Screenshot:   Features: New […]

Lazy Rift MSI Patch 2017

Hello lovelies, bringing you a map patch for Lazy Rift that replaces the MSI textures with Lazy Rift-themed MSI textures. 🙂 Screenshots: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED LAZY RIFT FOR […]

You Make My Heart Beat HUD

And.. once again.. I made a HuD.. A good friend of mine had made the original image for me as a wallpaper. I asked him if I could make a […]

Cosmic Dusk and Dawn HUD

Hello, everyone 🙂 I’m back again with another HUD!!!! Screenshot:     SO UH I REALIZED I’M AN IDIOT AND DIDN’T MAKE THE NONLEVELABLE ARROW DARK ENOUGH SO HERE I FIXED IT […]

Ruby Rose – Fractured Roses [HuD]

Hello, everyone. I’m back with another HUD!   I thought of my sister while making this HUD. She’s in love with the character and I thought this image was perfect. […]

Korean VoiceOvers

The long-awaited Korean Voiceover pack is here! This time, I’ve included the announcer in the main download. 😀 I highly encourage you to watch this tutorial video for installation! List […]

Lazy Abyss & Lazy Rift Updates

Hey there, everyone! I’ve finally updated Lazy Abyss and Lazy Rift.   Lazy Abyss For Lazy Abyss, I’ve updated the Poros. You can download the update HERE. You can see […]

[New Post] Japanese Voiceovers!

Kon’nichiwa, minna! Today, I’m bringing you a Fully updated version of the Japanese Voiceovers. I highly encourage you to watch this tutorial video for installation! List of folder extension names: cs_CZ de_DE el_GR […]

Holly Jolly Christmas HUD

Hello, Mapskins! Today.. I bring you….   THE ONE AND ONLLLYYYYYY…. Since I’ve been begged for a Christmas HUD, here you gooo! I really hope you like it!   Christmas Theme Holly! […]

Snowflake HUD

Hello, MapSkins! Today I bring you my third HuD mod! This was made using my favorite cell phone wallpaper! (You can find the original here.I don’t remember where I got it, […]

Candy Apple Morgana

Hello, everyone! Today I bring you Candy Apple Morgana! I hope everyone enjoys it! It took me a while to come up with a skin idea. I tried some things […]