Pizza Delivery Team

Models : Preview video with Pizza Delivery Janna (you can watch other skins from this team on the same channel) : Features : • Custom model for Janna, Caitlyn (and […]

Female Garen

Model : Features : • Custom model for Garen’s base skin (if someone wants I can redo also his base skin chromas) General info : • Author : Tristana • […]

Heartseeker Tristana

“Once a Bandle gunner, always a Bandle gunner!” Model : v1 texture from Yorû v2 texture from me Gameplay preview : Video : Features : • Custom model for Tristana’s […]

Cyber Pop Annie

Model : Video : Features : • Custom model for Annie’s base skin • Custom model for Tibbers’s base skin • Custom particles • Awesome stealth:–) General info : • […]

Academy Camille

The newest member of the Academy squad has arrived to a town! Welcome Academy Camille! This is officially my first skin put on mapskins so I’m glad I can finally […]