Panda Girl Cait

Caitlyn is here in her brand new super girl costume to fight the crime and protect all innocent pandas. 🐞 Advertisements

Dryad Xayah and Satyr Rakan

I can’t help it but Xayah’s feathers always reminded me of leaves so I decided to make a forest themed skin for her and Rakan.  There are 2 versions, for […]

TSM BjergSyndra

Dear TSM fans, dear Bjergsen and dear everyone who may enjoy a skin like this and Syndra mains. Let me present to you Syndra..sen, mhh… BjergSYNDRA!  🐞

The Big Day Sona and Varus

Baby & Daddy Bear as a thank you for how kind and sweet you are to everyone I have decided to make themed skins for you. Baby Bear as Sona and Daddy […]

Morrigan as Morgana

Hi! I decided to bring Morrigan from DAI into League. Let me present to you Morrigan as Morgana. Hope you’ll like it. 🐞

Black Canary as Vi

  Hi! Some time ago I made a fast skin Black Canary as Vi. Originally I didn’t want to release it because its really simple. Have fun. :3

HeartMaster Yi

Dear Pentaking. You have been waiting for this skin ever since the very first time you played Master Yi. Today is a very special day soo there you go, HeartMaster […]

Steampunk Janna

A long time ago I promised someone a Janna skin. Hope you’ll like it, Hana. :3 This is also for the Zaun event in March.

Headhunter LeBlanc

Hi dear people. :3 I decided to finish an old concept of mine. Headhunter LeBlanc. Enjooy! 🐞

Cloud9 Riven

Um. Hi there. I used a simple model from a wrestling game and made a C9 Riven out of it. Hope you’ll like it. 🐞

Sakura Ahri

Helloooooooo. I made a skin of a beautifull model that I found. Enjooooooy ❤

PentaQueen Riven

Helloooooooo. I made a skin for people’s least saltiest champion: Riven. Enjooooooy ❤