Kitty Cat Ashe

Hey Guys, I would like to present to you: Kitty Cat Ashe. When boredom and… ehm… “other feelings” collide, Kitty cat skins come to life. Video: Features: New Kitty Cat Model […]

Valoran City Rift

Hey Everyone, here is Valoran City Park turned into summoner’s rift (Beta Release).

NB Yasuo & DB Riven Mapskins Lore

Winners Hero vs. Villain Mission Day 1 For this months Mapskins event the mission for day 1 was to create your own lore for the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins. After […]

Soul Stealer Evelynn Voiceover

[Attacking] – Basic Attack Let me feast! Your soul is mine! Give me your life! I will take what is mine! Endless life starts with your death! I’m just getting […]

How to fix patch 7.5 Wooxy bug

If you happen to come across this problem when you launch Wooxy in Patch 7.5, then this post will explain to you how to temporarily bypass this issue.

Dragon Sorceress Caitlyn

Today is a very special day for the PentaRoyals. To celebrate it I have created this skin for a special someone in my life. Enjoy!