Challenger Miss Fortune

      Challenger Miss Fortune Miss Fortune is back to league, shining and looking for adventure. Take her to new heights and ranks with the challenger Miss Fortune skin! […]

Krug Lord Malzahar

IMAGES Features Custom Model for Malzahar’s Base Krug Model for Voidling Base Custom Particles Custom Loading Screen Image General Info Made By – Mr DaddyBear Date Posted – 29 / […]

Star Guardian Nidalee

Star Guardian Nidalee The forsaken Guardian, a happy soul, here to free and fight for what’s right. Jinx and Lux taking all the spotlight! Aha! Nidalee is back and shining […]

Fairy Princess Lux

Fairy Princess Lux The princess of the forest, the guardian of nature; The fairy princess Lux is awoken by chaos in her forest. The junglers are fighting again, messing up […]

Welcome To The League Of Penta

For April Fools Day Event, with the Penta-Couple in mind! Features: Custom Model for Master Yi Base. Custom Model for Morgana Base. Custom Textures for Both. Custom Loading Screen images […]

Forgotten Protector Of ZAUN

EDIT: The Ultimate color was edited by me After the video was made due to the file not saving when it would have. The Ultimate looks like this instead of […]

Zaun Explorer Ezreal

Custom Model for Base Custom Textures Custom Particles Custom Loading Screen Author: Courtneys Husband Skin For: Base Release Date: 17/03/2017 Would love your feedback, so try it out! Don’t forget […]

Star Goddess: Lux

Screenshots: Views: Features: Loading Screen and HUD Image. Abilities: Spell: Q Spell: W Spell: E Spell: R Passive: Disclaimer! This is the Air model of Elementalist Lux, however, particles are […]

DeathStroke Jhin + Chromas

DeathStroke’s Lore : Video Showcase : Chroma List : Orange (Default), Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Rainbow. Features : Custom Model for Jhin’s Base Custom Model for Jhin’s Trap Custom Textures for […]

Zaun Crawler Skarner

Thank you for reading down to this point, it does really mean a lot. I spent at least 3 hours a day outside of doing college work to create this […]

Lord Protector Talon

Screenshots: Video: Features: Custom Model for Base Custom Particles General Info: Author: Courtney’s Husband Skin For: Base Release Date: 12/02/2017 Would love your feedback, so try it out! Download and […]