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Wooxy Lite Version is out

A new working version of Wooxy just got released on Chewy’s personal website: Download Wooxy Lite here

It got rid of the ‘Object Reference’ error that a lot of people got when having skins installed or Wooxy not loading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before using Wooxy Lite be sure that you uninstalled all custom skins on the old Wooxy version and then remove all of the old Wooxy files.
If you’re having the issue that your game bugsplats whenever you go into a game and repairs automatically after that, check if you still have skins installed on the old Wooxy.

FIX FOR PEOPLE WITH A NEWLY INSTALLED CLIENT: If you just recently installed League of Legends you’re missing files that Wooxy needs to load up (atm). So here’s a temporary fix I can give you by providing client files from my old client, download them HERE. After you downloaded them you have to put them in the right folders:
lol.launcher and lol.launcher.admin belong in Riot Games/League of Legends and system.cfg belongs in Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/System. (Big thanks to the youtuber I’m A Wild Riven Main for posting a video about this fix on the Wooxy Download comment section.)



  1. Works perfectly with the launcher fix, thanks! I hope they update and add the features removed from the previous version, long live Wooxy (& Beachrift!) ♥


  2. Hello! I’ve been using WOoxy for quite some time and always worked; Although now when I came back to the game again and tried installing some skins and it seemingly worked, until I launched up a game and it didn’t show at all. Any idea what might cause this issue? Thanks! 🙂


    • Wooxy tends to have a false positive with antivirus softwares, so check if your antivirus put it in quarantine or deleted it or something ( false positive meaning it has no actualy virus or anything)


      • Hey Windows Defender detected it as a virus, are you sure it has no virus and it’s just a false positive?


        • There ain’t no virtus,i also got a false error in the middle of a match,even if i’ve been using the program for an year or so.Don’t worry,it won’t do anything to ur computer


        • it’s safe, the only reasons why it shows up as a false positive is because it’s not used by a that many people nowadays and the way it is coded is outdated.


  3. Hello. I have a problem while try to install Wooxy with new client.
    I had applied temporary fix but still get this error:

    Could not find a part of the path

    Please help me fix it. Thank you.


  4. Hi, I selected League Of Legends folder but error.
    The folder you have selected is not correct You have to select the folder that contains “lol.launcher.exe” or “lol.launcher.admin.exe”.
    please help me


  5. I need help, I installed the lol yesterday because I changed the computer and installed the wooxy
    When I open the Wooxy and the poster comes out I select the lol folder, correctly frame the one that is and I get
    The folder you have selected is not correct.
    You have to select the folder that contains “lol.launcher.exe” or “lol.launcher.admin.exe”
    I select correctly where the lol is installed and I get that all the time, what can I do ?, I need help :((((


  6. i always keep getting bugsplat’s with this version no matter what i installed… everything worked fine with the other version… just imported the .wxy files from old wooxy directory

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