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Creating custom skins using Obsidian and Flow

Tools you will need:

You will also need .NET Framework 4.7 for these tools to work correctly so make sure you have it. It should be installed on the newest updates of Windows 10 already.

Installing the Tools:

  • Download the file called Where ToolName represents the name of the tool which may be Obsidian or Flow and x represents a version number.
  • Extract the downloaded file to a directory of your choosing.
  • To launch the Tools you just need to launch their Executable File (.EXE), or you can also make a shortcut for them on your desktop or some other place.

Modifying Procedure:

  • Use Flow to patch League of Legends.exe
  • Extract newest WAD files using Wooxy or Fantome.
  • Open the desired WAD file in Obsidian and modify it to your needs.
  • Save the modified WAD file in a destination of your choosing.
  • Install the modified WAD file with Wooxy or Fantome.

Using Flow

Using Flow is very simple and fast.


  • Open Flow
  • Select the League of Legends executable located in the folder C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/x.x.x.x/deploy. Where x represents the version number of League of Legends. Make sure to go to the folder with the highest version and to make a backup of your current executable.
  • Click the Patch button and everything should be good to go.

Using Obsidian

Using Obsidian is harder than Flow as it allows you to directly edit the files in the WAD file.

Obsidian has a lot of functions in it so I’ll make sure to explain all of them.

After you launch Obsidian your screen should look something like this:

Now you need to open a WAD file and after you do, your screen should look something like this:

This might look a bit confusing at first but it really isn’t.

I’ll now explain all of the different functions Obsidian possesses.

Save WAD File

Saves your currently opened WAD file with all modifications that were made to it.

Add File

Opens a new Window from which you can add a new File.

File is the file which you want to add.

Path is the virtual Name or Path of the file in WAD. It is used to identify files in WAD.

Compress is an option whether to compress the file being added. You should leave it checked most of the time. But it’s not needed for BANK Audio files such as WPK and BNK or other heavily compressed files.

Add File Redirection

Opens a new Window from which you can add a new File Redirection.

The concept of File Redirection is that League uses them to load files outside of WAD specified by these entries. For example, some BIN files may refer to a name of a File Redirection entry, what it is really referring to is the file that the File Redirection entry points to. The pointed file is always located outside of WAD files, usually in the characters directory.

File is the virtual path of the File Redirection.

Path is the path of the File this File Redirection refers to.

Modifying File Redirections

Modifying a File Redirection is very easy. Just double-click the File Redirection field in the GUI and edit it.


Removes the currently selected Entries

Modify Data

Opens a File Selection Dialog to select the file you want to replace the currently selected entry with.


Extracts the currently selected Entries into the specified directory and names them accordingly.

If you encounter any bug or want a feature to be added to Obsidian, create an Issue on it’s GitHub Page.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment or join this Discord Server.



  1. Net4.7 errors can be solved by deleting files

    Deleting Obsidian.exe.config can be solved


  2. Im trying to do a karma custom skin, but when i try to place the texure obisidian dont seem to replace, because in game she uses the default karma texture. Can someone pls help me?


  3. Upon selecting a wooxy skin (ex Heartseeker nasus or other) when i go from lobby queue to game loading screen i receive a bugsplat and my game starts repairing. Why? I patched it with flow.


  4. Although i wanna test Ashe.wad.client file with wooxy in a practise mode, my games are getting bugsplat popped and started repairing while loading screen then connect game with default project ashe..


  5. For all people that are having a problem with your game crashing. There is a file called “config.json” in the Obsidian folder and contains a line which starts with “WadSaveMajorVersion”, this is most likely set to 2, change it to 3 and everything should work


  6. The game crashes with any custom wad.client files. To make a custom skin all I have to do is replace the base texture with the custom texture using the Modify Data option, right?


  7. Good work there Crauzer, it will be really helpful noe that everyone can edit the new files . That’s why you are the best at what you are doing. Thank you!


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