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3D modeling Lifehacks with Yorû – Part 4: Moving joints after binding

So I decided to whip up a list of “Lifehacks” which makes 3D modeling easier and prevents you from running into some problems. The fourth part will show you a quick way how to fix displaced bones after binding.

It might happen that you’re sometimes not careful enough when setting up the skl before binding it with the model and something likes this happens: the joint of the hand is way too high up. You can’t simply move the bones now since the skin is bound already and it will only change the bind pose. But there is a function that lets you change the place of joints even after binding that @xzanderzone showed me ~

First go to Skin>Move Skinned joints. You don’t have to change any settings.

Then select the Model in Object mode (F8) and then select the joint you want to move. The model will appear in pink and now you can only move that joint you selected without any other parts of the skeleton being influenced by it.

When you’re happy with the placement of the joint simply swap back to the select tool and the joint will stay where it is.

This won’t change anything to the weights so you will have to fix them by hand if they were messed up before.




    • You can’t just remove parts of a model in maya. You have to unbind the skin, remove the parts,bind again and do the weights again and then ecport.
      but an easier way is to select the parts you want to remove in face selection, scale them down until they basically arent visible anymore and hide them inside the body. or you can simply make the texture parts for them invisible


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