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3D modeling Lifehacks with Yorû – Part 3: Finding missed Rigging spots

So I decided to whip up a list of “Lifehacks” which makes 3D modeling easier and prevents you from running into some problems. The third part will teach you how to easily fix stretching parts of the model that you missed while painting weights.

Sometimes when you think that you’re all done with rigging your model and you go ingame to test it out, this might happen:

Some random model parts appear stretched on some animation and you can figure out why or where they’re from in the first place. But there is an easy way to find them quickly that @pentaking told me while I was making my first remodel^^

First go back to Maya and go into object mode (F8). Select joints around the area where the stretching issue appeared and pull them away from their original place.

After moving some bounds you will eventually find the problematic one.

Select the model again, to into weight painting mode and paint over the missed vertices. Sometimes they can be a bit hard to paint since they are stretched and have many faces, so imply try different angles and it should work.

After you painted all vertices the model should snap back into place, even tho the bones are still misplace, and no more stretching should be visible.

After that, select the model in Object mode again and go to Skin>Go to bind pose. This will reset all the bones to their places aka where they were after binding the skin.

Now simply export the mesh and try it ingame again. The stretching issue should be completely gone now.



  1. Do you think you could make a full video detailing how you make a skin? There are only a few guides and some of them don’t go in depth enough. The main problem I have right now it trying to figure out how to texture the model with an existing texture. I’m using a premade model that is already textured but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to transfer the UVs to the SKN or how to make a UV map that matches the textures.


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