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3D modeling Lifehacks with Yorû – Part 2: Making the UV

So I decided to whip up a list of “Lifehacks” which makes 3D modeling easier and prevents you from running into some problems. The second part will teach you how to make a UV for your skin the esiest way.

Once you more-or-less finished making your model it should look something like this:

A model with seperate meshes that aren’t combined yet, just arranged parts.

Open up the UV Editor in Maya and select your first mesh in Object mode (F8). You’ll see only the UV for this part of your model. Then go into Face selection (F11), drag your mouse over the UV to select everything, then move and scale it so it fits in one part of the UV.

It should look something like this.
Then just select the next mesh and do the same thing for it, except that you move it into another corner or another space, so they don’t overlap each other. Continue until the UVs of all meshes are edited.

You can always select multiple meshes to check if all the UVs are separated from each other or not. Having UVs sorted after the original skins you used makes texture placement a lot easier.
After that’s done, select all meshes, go into face selection, select all parts of the UV and go to Polygons>UV Snapshot to save the UV.
Close the UV Editor and select all the meshes in Object selection again. Then go to Mesh>Combine to turn them into one mesh. After that go to Edit>Delete all by type>History to clear everything up.



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