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3D modeling Lifehacks with Yorû – Part 1: Merging

So I decided to whip up a list of “Lifehacks” which makes 3D modeling easier and prevents you from running into some problems. Starting off with some simple merging.

Whenever you import a skn into Maya and start working with it, go into face selection (F11) and double-click on a part to select it all, you will notice that not everything that is connected to the part will be selected. This is due to the way the model files are imported, so it’s not riots fault.

In vertex selection mode (F9) it looks like it would be only one verticle and it should be connected.

On further inspection, you will find out that the verticles are actually doubled, even though they look like only one.

If you don’t somehow merge them it can lead to holes in the rigging process, for example, the arm won’t be attached to the shoulder in this example. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do that by hand, there is an easy trick:
Go into Object selection (F8) and select your model. Then go to to the “Edit Mesh” tab and click on “Merge” (For this all of the vertices have to be in their original place)

This will merge all the doubled verticles. After that, you always have to go to Edit>Delete all by type>History.
After doing that the selection will look something like this:

When you don’t need huge parts of the model I would not recommend doing that at the beginning, it’s best to do that after you finished making your model and before you bind it to the skeleton.

This tool will save you a lot of time because otherwise, you would have to merge everything by hand ^^


I hope this will help an expect more Lifehacks in the future ~


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