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The Cyber Power Gauntlet Map



The Nova Prospect Cyber-Power Gauntlet

!!!!! – THE MAP IS FINALLY HERE – !!!!!

Due to the popularity of the map and the recent requests to publish the map I have push the date of release to TODAY but as a Disclaimer the turret and map SFX will not be added in this release due to them not fully working for both sides of Summoners Rift.  This Retro Neon Arcade map took most if not almost all of its inspiration from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and we hope you enjoy using it inside league of legends.

-> Download our Arcade Pink Team HERE <-

-> Download our Arcade Green Team HERE <-


What this map will look like!

For a link to the teaser posts please click here: Post 1 / Post 2

Hud And Things

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General Info and Features:

Custom HUD
Custom SR Textures

Custom Music Effect
Custom Particles
Custom Idle Animations
Custom SR Minion Models
Custom SR Minion Textures
Custom SR Turret/Inhib/Nexus Textures
And Many More!

Author: “Mr DaddyBear” and “Mrs BabyBear”
Release Date: 03/09/2017


=> Download The Cyber Power Gauntlet Here <=

Untitled Watermark



      • I posted my last comment based on the pictures but I have an issue. When I play the game the walls and the floor are the basic ones, the skin doesn’t change them. I checked my other installed skins but none of the map skins were installed. Can you tell me what are the file names that replace the floor and the walls, maybe I can check what’s wrong. Or if you know why does this happen, it would be good if you’d tell me. Thanks! 😀


          • Btw (easily) they will work if you copy the map files in 2 folders, and with ReNamer in one folder you put “2x_” before the file names and do the same with the other folder, using “4x_”. But I bet you already know this. And I know that I may be annoying with all these questions, but I still have one. 😀 I made a custom map (recolor only), by converting all the files into jpg, recoloring all of them with a batch app, reconverted to dds and deleted the parts that needed to be invisible. The Wooxy map viewer shown it fine, but when I tried to use it Bugsplat popped up. Do you know why did this happen?


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