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Recruiting Wardens & Custom skin creation course

Hello everyone. I am happy to announce that from this day on, we will be recruiting NEW members to our Mapskins team: Wardens. This will be a team that will consist of new skin creators who want to step foot into the world of custom skin creation. The idea can be summarized as followed:


  • Motivation to learn and create custom skins.
  • Good attitude and mentality towards the coaches and team members.
  • At least 2 hours time each week to work on your team skin task.


  • The team will consist of 4-6 new creators and 3-4 coaches
  • You will get a weekly task for 1 month. These are small task which will help you learn how to create different aspects of custom skins.
  • After completing all tasks within given deadline and completing all tasks after 1 month, you will be promoted instantly to an AUTHOR.
  • You will get to meet and learn about the other custom skin creators.

This program is meant for those who are interested in creating custom skins, but are scared to start or feel like they arent good enough because it’s too hard. This definitely isn’t the case and we hope that you will apply for this so we can work together on creating amazing skins 🙂



Thank you all for submitting your applications. we have received a lot of mails. we have enough members for now. applications will open up again in the near future 🙂



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