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SnowDay Irelia


SnowDay Irelia

Irelia, taking a break from her flowers which have frozen over. She’s got on her fluffy boots and she’s going to enjoy the upcoming snows


What does this Skin look like?





  • Custom model for base
  • Custom loading screen
  • Custom Particles
  • A Snowy experience!

General Info:

  • Author:  “Mrs BabyBear” and “Mr DaddyBear”
  • Skin For: Base
  • Release Date: 25/08/2017

Download SnowDay Irelia HERE!





  1. This skin is great. If i could request as championship irelia skin would be awesome too. Keep up the great work.


  2. I like the idea behind this skin concept, The weapon turned out really good, I also am a fan of the winter wonder syndra model, But something that seems consistent is the rigging, I’m not saying it’s horrible, In fact you’ve improved, But I’d like you to think a bit more about what part of the model will not be animated and how to avoid it from being stiff cardboard cutting through the model a bit more, Like the coat and hair in this case, Making sure it’s glued to her body and stretching with her animation would be better than looking unrigged. But that’s my personal opinion and merely a constructive criticism, Take it as you want,

    Good job on the irelia.


    • Of course good or bad constructive criticism is always taken in for account when making the next skin, but there was no bone to attach the hair and coat to, yes i can attach the hair to the spine, but that is 3 different bones and i don’t weight the spine like that. As for the coat she had no bones going down like Janna -For example- does, so if i was to attach her coat to the legs it would move all bent and twisted, i have tried doing it before in the Challenger Mf, and i haven’t figured out a way to do it to look nice. -BabyBear


      • If rigging is too much an issue along with not having the proper skeleton support, One would assume taking another model piece to be more suitable would do the trick. I.E short hairstyle that won’t clip through the neck piece in order to avoid problem areas instead of leaving them. That’d be how I’d go around it anyway.


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