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Cyber-Power Gauntlet Map (Progress)



The Nova Prospect Cyber-Power Gauntlet


Insert coin here: Chose your character. The Nova Prospect Cyber-Power Gauntlet, a project we’ve had in the shadows for a couple of months now and we are excited to show you our progress! We have worked with Mr “TheNovaProspect” and his request was a Arcadia theme’d map, reminiscent of “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.” We are happy to say that are progress is coming to an end for this verison and with Mr TheNovaProspect’s word we will continue to tweak and work on this. However, this is just a teaser to our world of Arcadia, the download link will be UNAVAILABLE for some time to give TheNovaProspect his grace period he wished for. This of course will only be the first version as TheNovaProspect has many more aspects to include in this map, and would wish to share. Along-side this map we will be bringing out two teams! The Arcade Pink Team and The Arcade Green Team. These two teams include the typical laners you will need in each team -An ADC, Support, Top, Mid, Jungle- The Two teams will be released shortly after this, so keep an eye out!

-> Download our Arcade Pink Team HERE <-

-> Download our Arcade Green Team HERE <-


Teasers for what this map will look like!

Please remember that this map has been in testing for around two months now and due to the recent arcade skins, we wanted to upload our progress now to let everyone know that something amazing is coming their way soon!


General Info and Features:

– Shhh Features –

Author: “Mr DaddyBear” and “Mrs BabyBear”
Skin For: Base of map
Release Date: 28/07/2017


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  1. Great skin, on map objects like towers looks stuning, but ground/terrain with black and blue texture dont look good, too flat, this one with purple glow looks nice.


  2. I am still working on the map yes, but with all the major updates that i am doing i want to show everyone and get their opinions to see what they like / dislike. If the map looks finished to anyone, i would like to say that i have SOOO many ideas in my head that i want to put into the map that is not just a texture or particle, i really want to expand on the meaning of “Custom Map Skin” to the best of my ability.

    I took a very large step when creating the “Dark Star Summoners Rift” Found here: and wish to still improve.


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