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[Voicepack] Battle Boss Brand

This skin is presented by TricolorStar

Voice Provided by Eric Dubyu

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New Voicelines (Arcade Fire!)

New Voice Processing (8-bit Crunch!)

Doesn’t Interfere with Any Other Brand Skins



Battle Boss Brand (Voicepack)







  1. When making those packs, are you limited by the number of voicelines the original champion possesses, or is it possible to add new kind of lines? (such as when buying an item, attacking the dragon, etc..)?
    By the way, I find your work outstanding, and I think you’re my favorite LoL modder by far! The characters’ VO is often very under appreciated, and it truly makes the biggest difference! (I mean, I’ve already bought 2 skins just because of your custom VOs!)


    • Unfortunately, right now I’m limited to the amount of lines the champions possess. I’m working on adding new lines, but the process is slow. Progress is being made, though! I always tend to put as much content into each voice that I can (the KO sounds in my arcade skins, the talking familiars in the upcoming Star Guardian voicepacks, and the commlink conversations between my upcoming PROJECT voicepacks). This is to offset the limited space the skins tend to have, so it still feels like a modern skin. I’m fact, the PROJECT voicepacks that I’m releasing after the SG ones have interactive conversations with other PROJECT skins, Pulsefire skins, and Mechanical skins, so there’s ways around the space limitations.

      And thanks for your compliments!!! I really appreciate it! Which skins did you buy?


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