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“Allow adding new files” Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what this option does? Or do you have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, check out this tutorial to find out more~

Allow adding new files allows you to basically relocate league of legends files. It is especially used for ‘advanced’ particle modding (Note: When you change particle colors in the troybins, which is shown in my last guide, you don’t have to use this option to import them.)

So first of all you have to enable the option to show “allow adding new files” option when adding a skin:

Go to the Settings menu in wooxy and check this option.

When you check “allow adding new files” while importing a skin, it won’t add any files. That’s because you have to add them in a specific way:

Create an empty folder on your desktop, the name doesn’t matter but it would be convenient to name it after the skin you’re making to find it again easily later.

In that folder you have to recreate the file path of the league game files.
In Championname you simply type in the name of the you’re making a skin for. (Note: Some champions have multiple folders, like Taliyah, or have different names, like Wukong who is called MonkeyKing)
Base_SkinX you put in the number of the skin you want to change the particles for example, Base is for the basic champion skin, all other skins have Skin01,Skin02 and so on.

After recreating the file path you put in your files in the right place, like Particles for example and go back to your desktop.

Now back to Wooxy: Press ‘Import Skin’ and check the ‘Allow adding new files’ box. Now the ‘Add files’ and ‘Add package’ options will be greyed out and you can only use the ‘Add folder’ option. There are still two ways: You drag the folder on your desktop into the window or you press ‘Add folder’ and search for the folder on your Desktop in the little window that pops up.

Then it should add all the files that are located in the folder on your desktop.
If nothing gets added, you mistyped a folder in the file path or you missed one. You can always look up the file path with the file extractor in Wooxy.

Good luck and have fun skinning~



  1. Is this what they do to use particles from a diff champ/skin onto another champ/skin? Cause if it is i always thought it was renaming in the troybin files l0l


  2. Although someone already showed me how to do this, you make it way easier with the pictures and the step by step way. Thanks a lot ,adding new files make skin making really easier. You should continue making guides , you are helping a lot. :3

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