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Pool Party Caitlyn ; Chroma Pack




Pool Party Caitlyn ; Chroma Pack

The noble of Piltover, police officer, order of the lotus and star guardian?! It’s time for Caitlyn to take a break on the beaches of Summoners Rift. Now has her chroma’s created. Caitlyn in a new set of beautiful summer swimsuits. Take your Pick.


These skins are ONLY for the Chromas, You can’t put this onto the base! These pack of for those who have her Chromas and wish to use them with the Pool Party Skin!

What does these Skins look like?

Original Pool Party Caitlyn for reference:FrontBackUntitled.png



Blue Rebel Chroma for Pool Party:FrontBackUntitled.png

Green Rebel Chroma for Pool Party:FrontBackUntitled.png

Pink Rebel Chroma for Pool Party:FrontBackUntitled.png


  • Custom model for base
  • Custom Re-textures of Models for CHROMAS
  • Custom loading screen
  • A Swimming experience!

General Info:

  • Author:  “Mrs BabyBear” and “Mr DaddyBear”
  • Release Date: 26/07/2017

– Download Pool Party Caitlyn ; Chroma Pack full




    • Hi there! Do you have Wooxy? that’s the main thing to start everything! Once in Wooxy you should open “Skins Collection” In this, you will find all of your downloaded skins -if you’ve imported them- So, if you have a champion in which you don’t have a riot skin for you can download a .wxy file through here -so Pool Party Caitlyn for example- and you go into “Skins Collection” again once you’ve downloaded a mapskin skin and then click “Import skin” This should lead you to a smaller menu with “LoL files” or “Package” if it’s a mapskins skin you have downloaded, the thing you SHOULD click is “Add a package” through clicking that, find where you’ve saved the .wxy file and select it. It should download with no errors, if it does have errors comment on the post you found the skin! That should be the basics, anything else just message me on discord at “Mistress Red#9822” ! -BabyBear


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