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[Voicepack] Dragon Sorceress Zyra

This skin voice is presented by TricolorStar 

Voice provided by Tara Langella

The brood needed her, more than they would ever know. Soon, they would take over this world. Then, and only then, would her work be done, She would give her very body to her young if it meant ensuring their survival, But sometimes, a mother must take things into her own hands. Feeding the weak to her children, destroying anything that kept her at bay, and crushing all opposition to her family. Mother knows best.


New Voice lines

Voice Processing



Dragon Sorceress Zyra






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  1. Loving the hard work and dedication put into actually making this voice possible, It really completes her dragon sorceress skin so well, you did a good job on the editing and the voice actress sounds like she had a fun time, Good job tri!


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