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Pool Party HUD and Loading Screen Borders (DaddyBear)

WaveIn-Game Pool Party HUD:

Pool Party HUD


Custom Scoreboard background
Blue and red trim
Life Guard rings around alive and dead champions above minimap and your champion
“No Swimming” sign over unavailable abilities
Custom ability level up arrows, and when you can not level up an ability
Blue background for player stats and players score
Blue water effects XP progress bar

Pool Party Loading Screen Borders:


Custom border for both Blue and Red Team
Custom borders for All Ranked player all the way to Challenger
Custom Pool Party water effect that can be over any champion and skin in the gameWave

Summoners Rift Loading Screen Background:


Original Credit: Dakun87 DeviantArt

Custom Loading Screen background for Summoners Rift
(Note: This is hand drawn by the Beautiful Mrs BabyBear)


=> Download POOL PARTY HUD Here <=Wave


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