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Pool Party Nami





Pool Party Nami

Pool Party Nami, the guardian of the sea is free from duties for the summer, she decided to lay out her flippers and take herself to the beach for relaxing Untitled.png

What does this Skin look like?







  • Custom model for base
  • Custom loading screen
  • Custom Particles
  • A Swimming experience!

General Info:

  • Author:  “Mrs BabyBear” and “Mr DaddyBear”
  • Skin For: Base
  • Release Date: 11/07/2017


Thank you to Sislex for giving me this idea and helped me base it off this image below and helped me with the retextures, I hope this comes to your standards Sislex ❤i1399^cimgpsh_orig

Download Pool Party Nami




  1. hey. Since noone gives a shit about people with the “sequence contains no element” error, and It’s been here since 8 months and noone got a reply on how to fix that, I might aswell ask here, no? So, how do you fix that :)? Do NOT tell to reinstall either because that shit ain’t going to work and It’s just a total waste of time 😉


    • Hi there! I’ve asked a couple of people -included an editor- if they have ever seen this issue before, and of course none have. Is this issue with wooxy? or when you install something into wooxy? Also do you have the 1.6.1 Version of Wooxy, because that could also been an issue, but i’m not sure of course. -BabyBear


      • Im not him but I’ve been having the same issue and It happened to me after one of patches after I uninstalled every custom skin before the patch went live so they wouldn’t cause in breaking the launcher (both league’s and wooxy’s), but It’s happening to me whenever I’m trying to open Wooxy since then. It happened a little before I updated to 1.6.1, but reinstalling It didn’t solve the problem for me :/ Hope that helps in some way
        adding a screenshot showing the error (you can see In the background behind the “sequence contains no elements” it happens after Wooxy loads a little bit)


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