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Shuriman Karthus

~Stay a while and listen!~

Death is everywhere, Even trough Ascension you’re not safe from the inevitable, You may rise your sand soldier from the grave, but sooner or later, they will return to me.

  • Custom Textures
  • For Base
  • (no custom particles, Death looks the same no matter where you go)



  1. I’m really liking your skins. Its a really dope skin and I really like it. I also wanted to ask how do you make new clothing etc.? I have Maya and Photoshop and I know the process of making skins but I just don’t know how to make clothing etc. I saw a tutorial once and learned a lot from it but the guy just imported the deafult skin and started putting on his parts that he made off camera, but he didn’t show us how to make parts of clothing, or weapons, or helmets, etc. for our skin. This is all that he said, that we have to make our model and he made his model parts off camera and he said if he wanted he would make a video but he never did. Just to make myself clear, I’m not trash talking you or saying you’re not good, your art and custom skins amaze me everytime a new one comes out, and I truly think you are an amazing artist.


    • Well, there are many ways of making new clothing.
      1: simplest is to give them a new texture on their .dds Won’t change the shape of their clothing tho.
      2: Cut out model pieces from other models and apply on the skeleton to create the shape of your clothing, And then work out the .dds, a lot of work but with a more customized result. (For more detailed information you have to rely on tutorials and asking around mapskins cause I don’t know the details)

      And those are the 2 most common ways to change a champions clothing, Hope that gave you some answers if any.


      • I already gave my Morgana a new texture on the file, but I just don’t like the look of her whole dress and that. I would like to make her dress different or even make a new skirt and top for her. xD


    • Cause it’s not sand magic, It’s death, which looks the same despite location. I could work on getting particles to be similar to Azir but felt like it wouldn’t make sense, thus I didn’t change them at all.


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