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Cyclonic Zed (Now with more Particle)


 Zed Cyclonic Thumbnail


  • Recolored Look
  • Sick New Particles

General Info:

  • Author: Gous
  • Size: 4,15 MB
  • Release Date: 22.05.2017 (Skin was Made way Earlier but I don’t know the Date)

I Changed the Particles as far as I could, the Q Trail, Ulti-X + this Red Circle thing (Top Right Corner) and the Auto Atack is a bit Red, i couldn’t Change anything sadly, after 2 Days of work, Trial and Error This is the result.

But the Community of Wooxy/MapSkins helped me out Extremely much with this Stuff on Discord.

Thank you, Guys!

I Hope you enjoy this Skin like I do, I use it myself still, the Orginal Release Date I don’t know because this Skin is about a 1-Year-Old, with this here I Changed the Particles and a Few mistakes on the Skin itself, it’s Clean and Good Looking now.

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy:



  1. You can change all the colors, dwell deep in the troybin particles, and change the RGBRA vales to which ever color, or go in the Bin file to see ALL possible particles for the skin/base

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    • Thank you, i know already how that works, i got Help from People like Demonix etc. and even they didnt know how to Change the ones from Zed, he has Different Values then the other Champions, i think thats because hes to Old, most other Champs got a Rework and with that the new System they use for the Colour, but Zed still doesnt even have a Graphic Update ^^
      Can be that im wrong but i tried Days to get it to Work still not a solution.

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